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Meet the only teacher to hit nearly 730k subscribers on YouTube, and earn the silver play button!

Imran Ali Dina is a Pakistani lecturer/teacher at Iqra University. Through his online channel, 'GFX Mentor' he has managed to educate and teach students the power of technology and graphics to children who are willing to learn something but probably may not be able to afford expensive courses.

Initially, in 2019, Imran Dina made a few headlines, as a teacher who received over 210,000 subscribers. After hitting that milestone, the educator managed to achieve the silver play button on YouTube. Having many Indian students as well, Dina believes that education has no boundaries. He uses Adobe Software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to teach his students art and graphic design.

Imran encourages students to come and learn, it's '100% free' and there a boundless opportunities! He has further disclosed how his students have gone on to get jobs in the media industry due to the skills they have learnt via GFX Mentor's online classes!

At a time when authorities are contemplating the "ban" of YouTube, a program such as this with Dina teaching youths and educating young minds with useful skills, helping those who cannot afford expensive courses is uplifting news. With technological development and YouTube being a platform which provides crucial educational content, a ban would put a halt on monumental growth.

Teachers such as these who share their knowledge, experience and enlightenment should be encouraged in society, as we need more of them. Giving others the ability and chance to learn something is truly a blessing, we applaud teachers like Imran Ali Dina and can be proud of innovative individuals making a difference in Pakistan!

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