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We've tried the delicious peach pies and talked to the entrepreneur of Baked Baloch regarding his rising home-business!

Baked Baloch is a home-run business to look out for! Although it's fairly new, our sweet tooth led us to trying their mini peach pie and we were delighted with the result!

With the perfect amount of peach carefully baked into a pie, it was delicious and the ideal dessert to give your taste-buds a thrill, be it anytime of day. The peach pie gave a flavour unlike the apple or sweet cherry, it was more of a start-your-day flavour with a zesty after-taste!

Primarily taking orders through their Instagram platform, Baked Baloch is on the right path to becoming a well rounded business in Karachi, especially if you have an inkling for something sweet!

We asked the mastermind and pastry chef himself, Dostain Balach a few questions about the inception of his baking business:

Q. What prompted you to want you start an official baking business?

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Well to be quite honest I'm pretty much always broke and ingredients cost money (laughs). I tend to bake in the first week of the month and spend most of my money there and then beg my parents for the rest of the month (which I don't necessarily enjoy doing) so long story short, I figured if selling my product would be the only way I would be in the kitchen baking, why not?

Q. Was this something which happened unexpectedly?

The baking? No, I've been baking since like the 8th grade. Was I any good is another story all together but I baked (laughs). The business I wanted to do always but I never thought it would actually materialize and thought it would be something I’d say but never actually do but here we are now!

Q. Have you always been a fan of baking?

Obsessed, I stress bake. I find it therapeutic, the whole process is actually fascinating beyond words. If I think about it too much, I get goose bumps! It may sound strange but baking is a beautiful process and it makes me feel like I can sustain myself and other people, taking care of them. But when I have to do it I do out of my comfort zone I do stress out as I’m trying to separate my “work” baking and my “fun” baking experience by integrating different things (music, different kitchen etc) for both so I can still “fun” bake.

Q. What’s your favourite signature dish to date?

I don’t have a favourite dish per say. I’m very indecisive, (laughing) such questions trigger my anxiety and I don't leave my room for months!

Q. What inspired you to start baking and make it into a business?

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To answer this question more elaborately. I was raised in staunchly Baloch household. It takes a village to raise a child and it sure did take village to raise me! My first ever nanny who co-raised me with my mom (who is a doctor and had long working hours then) taught me how to boil an egg and peel it. That was my first culinary experience and for whatever reason that memory and feeling stuck with me because she made me feel excited about the whole thing, that I nourished myself. The business as I’ve mentioned was a dream because the two things that I enjoy most are baking and gardening. Baking would’ve made for a more challenging job and that was fun. However, right now it's just started.

Q. Do you have any quirks while baking? (E.g. is there any specific way/environment you like to bake in)

One - time constraints. I like baking very slowly as I work through my thoughts. Working with a time limit (without wanting to bash things into the wall) is something I’ve had to actively work on and it’s something I’m still working on.

Q. What do you think about the baked goodies business in Karachi?

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I really, truly enjoy good baked goods. Karachi is big on food but I think sometimes it lacks in the baked goods department and I really want to change that and bring it more to the forefront as much as I can.

Q. What do you hope to achieve for Baked Baloch?

I want people to eat my food and I want them to feel genuinely happy. Through my baking I want to invoke a warm and cozy feeling, making people forget about all the worries they had for a little while. I want my food to somehow contribute to making people happier people. I’m aware of how it may sound but that's my sincere response of what I hope to achieve.

Q. Any advice for budding bakers or chefs hoping to practice at home?

Advice for bakers; RECIPE IS KEY. Not a single word in the technique is there for them to meet a certain word requirement or to make it seem fancy, accuracy is key. Also, the first time will never been “perfect”. Mastering a recipe needs you to bake it every day or every other day for a little while to absolutely nail it, be patient through that process, you’ll get it right!

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Sabiha Sep 26, 2020 10:54pm
I have had the pleasure and honour of eating a few of his amazingly baked stuff and i want to say to you all that you’d want to eat them again and again... can’t wait to visit khi and order my favs.

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