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Celebrities are using their social media platforms to raise awareness about the conditions at Karachi Zoo

Mashal Khan, Anam Tanveer and Anoushey Ashraf have recently used their social media platforms to bring light to the depleting conditions at Karachi Zoo, sharing a video of a mistreated baby bear cub.

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'I’m sick to my stomach after learning of this poor baby in Karachi zoo, being jailed without food, water, health care. Look at her panting. Look at the size of her nails. Look at her fur. Look at the agony in her eyes; begging onlookers fir help. PLEASE help her by raising your voice against this. Shut down Karachi zoo! It is pure evil! Put an end to this!' The Thora Sa Haq actor expressed her disgust with how the animals are being treated and kept.

Mashal and Anam Tanveer took to Instagram to share their thoughts on how Karachi Zoo needs to be shut down, due to its ill-repute of lack of humane conditions for the animals to coexist. Both celebrities shared the heartbreaking video of a bear cub on Sunday, along with a caption addressing what's wrong with the cruel system.

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'I want everyone to pay attention here! — Instead of becoming a safe place for animals, the Karachi Zoo has become hell. After losing multiple animals recently, the management is now on the verge of losing a bear too. Instead of treating them like living things, the authorities, the visitors and the management treat these animals like non living things. Aren’t they afraid of Allah’s wrath who has repeatedly instructed humans to be kind to other species!'

Zhalay Sarhadi and Anoushey Ashraf mentioned their grievances about the delipidating state of the zoo and its animals, posting information about the bear and the state of Karachi Zoo. They posted stories on instagram addressing the matter at hand.

After the conditions at Marghazar Zoo were highlighted and the lonely elephant 'Kaavan' was sent to a sanctuary, social media has played a vital role in bringing attention to these issues surrounding animals and their wellbeing, which is then looked into by appropriate authorities.

In an update, the Commissioner and Karachi Zoo claim that the bear that has gone viral on social media is in an alleged 'healthy state' but there is no proof as yet and celebrities are still waiting on sufficient evidence that appropriate action will be taken.

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