Shaniera Akram and Nadia Hussain have expressed their disgust with the current state of garbage in Karachi.

While Pakistan has been in the news for environmental improvements and its beautiful Northern region, the current state of Karachi's garbage problem speaks for itself.

Shaniera Akram took to social media to express her disillusionment with the state of Sea View beach, a once beautiful spot which has deteriorated over the years of being unkempt and littered at, to the point where it has become unrecognisable two decades later.

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"Heartbreaking. Our city can’t cope with our rubbish and it’s bleeding it in to our ocean. Our city is in pain, it sends us warning signs everyday and we are ignoring it. Feels as though someone has kicked me in the stomach. This has got to stop. It’s time to admit we need help now."

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Wasim Akram also shared a heartbreaking video about the state of affairs, showing the endless heaps and dumps of garbage and trash on the once beautiful beach.

Shaniera isn't wrong when bringing light to these extremely serious issues which need to be addressed and highlighted, as she mentioned how living conditions are insufferable for people who are forced to exist in such a predicament.

Nadia Hussain also echoed Akram's sentiments, depicting the current situation in Karachi as being completely devoid of any care or acknowledgement towards the environment. These issues are extremely important and need to be addressed so that action can be taken.

We may have met our sustainable climate action goal but this does not mean that Karachi is out of hot waters yet, having major littering issues which only feed festering diseases and illnesses, especially when a second wave of COVID-19 is to be avoided.

It is time to wake up and develop an environmental consciousness to bring the matter of the city of lights' current dilapidated state to light for authorities to exercise relevant protocol.

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