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Photo: Arif Anis
Photo: Arif Anis
The Brain Trust UK has elected Arif Anis as 'Brain of the Year' 2020.

Acclaimed Pakistani author and thought leader, Arif Anis, has been recognised for his One Million Meals initiative, which aims to feed doctors, nurses, key workers and paramedics. The renowned columnist co-founded the initiative to feed the National Health Services (NHS).

The 'Brain Trust' was founded in 1990 by Tony Buzan. Brain Trust Chairman and Grand Chessmaster Raymond Keene announced the accolade, which is awarded to individuals who lead and advance in mental health through keen research, funding and support for organisations. Previous eminent names honoured with the award include Professor Stephen Hawking, English theoretical physicist, author and cosmologist.

For Mr. Anis's contributions to the fields of learning and development he was granted the “Global Man of the Year Award” in 2019 in London. The author has also penned I’MPOSSIBLE, The Man in The Arena and Psychology of Love, to name a few notable works. In 2018 the Power100 British Parliamentary Review named Arif Anis among the '100 most influential trailblasers' in Europe.

He is the first Pakistani to be awarded such a prestigious accolade, making the country proud with such a distinguished honour.

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