Hassan Ahmed is Pakistan's first hearing-impaired media personality to host a television show.

Throughout our lives we come across all kinds of people and often enough we come across people that are quite pessimistic. Finding some excuse or the other in order to say to others, “you can not do it,” that it is not possible for you because of these reasons. The reasons can be endless, it can be because of one small scale obstacle or because of thousands and things that are not in our control.

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The obstacles are endless and a normal part of life, we all face obstacles and it depends on us and our perspective how we want to go about our life. Two things that can get you where you want to go are perspective and belief in oneself, which is what our very own Hassan Ahmad possesses.

Hassan Ahmad is a hard of hearing individual and during the initial lockdown he began creating YouTube content to educate other individuals about the pandemic. The precautionary measures and the SOPs through sign language while also being a brand ambassador for Deaftawk. Born in Punjab, Rawalpindi, he completed his B.A and later completed a 2 month long course in Graphic Design from NICON, in 2018, he created a new Facebook page for freelance graphic design for schools, colleges, shops and so on.

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Hassan will be Pakistan’s first hearing-impaired person to host his own television show with his sister, he shared this exciting news on his social media, Hassan stated:

“Super excited to share this wonderful news with ya’ll. I and my sister have initiated this Program named ‘Ishaaron ki Zuban’.”

He expressed his gratitude to Kay2 for giving them this opportunity when he posted the news on his social media. He stated, “A big shout out and million thanks to the Kay2 TV family for providing us this amazing opportunity to work with them to support the deaf community and to promote deaf culture in their own language.”

“We hope this initiative will pave the way for deaf community to be included in mainstream media and feel heard,” he added.

Being a person that is hard of hearing can be quite difficult but with the right mindset and support, they can go a long way in achieving their dreams and goals much like anyone else. There is no obstacle big enough to stop us from our dreams and goals, only our perspective and belief can either keep us from trying or they can help us accomplish everything we desire. It just depends on how we want to look at the situation.

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Other famous personalities who have only proved to be stronger due to their impairment and lifestyle are America's Next Top Model Alum and personality, Nyle DiMarco, who is an activist for the deaf community.

We are thrilled to hear the news and more power to Hassan Ahmed for being a wonderful host to watch and cater to a larger community!

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