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Here we take a look at the girls of 'Ek Jhooti Love Story' and why they're so relatable!

Ek Jhooti Love Story came, it aired and won the hearts of all those who watched it at their inconvenience. On one hand, it was the first for many Pakistanis, such as the first romantic comedy web series produced in Pakistan for Zee 5, it launched Bilal Abbas and Madiha Imam to the web series world and gave Mehreen Jabbar the freedom she has been waiting for, since forever. But there was another thing that the series did differently and that is giving so many important and powerful roles to actresses. Gone are the times when the project revolved around the leading man and the leading lady, here everyone is the main character in his (and her) own rights. Want to know the reason why the Girls of Ek Jhooti Love Story are so relatable, read on and be fascinated.

Salma (Madiha Imam)

Backstory: Being the youngest in her family of three sisters and a brother, Salma’s hope of a bright future are dashed by a mother who wants her kids to get married to a person of her choice, not theirs. She poses as Natalia (Kinza Razzak) on Facebook and falls in love with Nofil (Ahmed Zeb) without realizing that he is in fact Sohail (Bilal Abbas) who escapes his monotonous life and poses as his rich friend (also Nofil), on Facebook. She wants to pursue painting, doesn’t like spending time in kitchen and is fascinated by her friend’s cousin Natalia who has everything she doesn’t. Her mother thinks she is useless except in the kitchen or when walking outside, her sisters hand her their old clothes without realizing that she might have her own taste, and by the time her brother realizes that she is an intelligent person, it was too late!

Relatability: Salma literally has no life; her day begins from going to college to returning home, spending time in the kitchen, eating dinner with family, and probably washing the dishes and ends with making her own bed. Whatever time she gets for herself, she spends on either an old computer or painting stuff. Her mother doesn’t want her to spend much time out of her sight and she has to use her father to get what she wants. If you are the youngest person in your family, you would be able to relate to her ordeal especially the after-dinner tea-making ritual.

Natalia (Kinza Razzak)

Backstory: Natalia is the cousin of Salma’s friend and belongs to a rich family; she has everything Salma doesn’t but wants to have such as rich parents, a huge mansion, expensive clothes, and the latest cars, no restrictions on going out and inviting friends over, besides being the most attractive person in the room. She can shake a leg, order people around and above all, hang out without asking her parents for permission. Who wouldn't want to be in Natalia's shoes and be amongst the privileged community than the middle-class one.

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Relatability: She is the ideal woman, who belongs to the upper class, stands out in a crowd as the most beautiful person in sight, and doesn’t care what others say because she knows that they must either listen to her or be ready to part with her (they always opt for the former option). She grew up knowing that she might be the best in the world; on the outside, she might be the perfect woman, but deep down there is an arrogant, proud , and immature child inside her who shows her true colors when cornered. If you are like that or know someone who is, then you would be able to relate to her character.

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Shabana (Kiran Haq)

Backstory: For her mother, she is a loser because despite being good-looking she hasn’t been able to find a husband yet; for her father, she is her most prized possession as she managed to complete her studies, become a lecturer, and inspires girls on a daily basis. A fellow professor wants to marry her but she can’t as she has set high standards for her future husband, one she doesn’t find. What she does find is an opportunity that takes her abroad and ends her story on a happy note.

Relatability: Just because she is more mature doesn’t mean that she has to be ridiculed every time someone visits their house to see a prospective bride in her. She is her own person who has dreams and wants to make a name for herself, and this kind of woman doesn’t care if she is married or single as long as she is about to achieve her goal. If you haven’t been able to get married due to your high qualifications, age, or both, then you would be able to relate to Shabana’s ordeal.

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Shazia (Mariam Saleem Nawaz)

Backstory: Being the middle child in a family of four isn’t easy; at times you have to play referee and Shazia takes it to another level. As a representative of the Ad-hoc teachers' association, she is asked to fast to which she agrees but when her cousin (Fawad Khan) is beaten up while bringing her food, she loses her cool and takes it out on the policeman. Her speech that is aired on TV made her a Social Media sensation and in no time, the bulky girl of the family was the most famous one. For someone who was taunted for her weight, was passed over by prospective in-laws, and ridiculed by her mother for speaking her mind, Shazia became a celebrity overnight!

Relatability: If you have unloaded your anger on someone in a public place, you would be able to relate to Shazia! It could be your anger at your increasing weight, your inability to get married, your inability to find a permanent job, find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time, or any other thing similar to that. People who don’t keep it to themselves are the ones with a pure heart and if you see yourself in Shazia, you might have one as well!

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Sobia (Srha Asgr)

Backstory: She might be Sohail’s younger sister but she knows more about the world than him and their mother (Hina Bayat). She grew up without a father who passed away when she was little, and that’s why Sohail loves her more than anyone in the world. That doesn’t stop her from making comments about his life, pointing her mother in what she believes is the right direction, and then playing the role of the umpire when she is not being scolded by them. It was her baat pakki that connected Salma’s mother with Sohail’s mother, and had she not said yes to the rishta, Nofil and Natalia might still have been playing their fake love story!

Relatability: If you are a younger sibling who watches TV all day, likes to cook things for others, and are so observant that you can find out stuff about others that not even they are sure about, then you can relate to Sobia’s character. She is the most intelligent one in the whole drama and if you are a drama queen like that, then be happy as you are not alone. After all, who doesn’t want to be a Master Chef in their own home, especially when they have a caring elder, if not the eldest!

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