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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
Activist Rani Khan has opened the first ever Islamic Institute for the transgender community.

Rani Khan is the first member of the transgender community to open a madrassa, a seminary in the Federal Capital. On Sunday, the community hailed the step of opening the first ever Islamic institute for the marginalized group in Islamabad.

Rani Khan divulged that she relocated from Chiniot city for the mission to spread strict instruction and to leave her former occupation of singing and dancing at weddings and birthday celebrations.

After the passing of one of Rani’s close companions, she started leaning towards religion. She said that for quite a while she used to go to the madrassa and a short time later she requested that her mom show her the Holy Quran after the incident had profoundly affected her.

Rani further uncovered that during this period, when she used to wear men's garments to perform petitions in the mosque of the area, her neighbors might not want to remain in a line with her and kept their distance from her. Rani said that because of the stigma individuals had, she set up a madrassa for her own community, where they are able to achieve fair and dedicated training.

Rani Khan has said that around 2,600 transgender were living in twin urban areas and there was 'no age limit' to receiving an education at the madrassa, hoping that it would give individuals from the trans community the confidence and opportunity to choose their own calling(s) in society.

We are glad to see our society transforming and accepting the transgender community as an essential part of society through which the country as a whole can prevail and come forth with success and understanding as every individual plays an important part in securing peace and building it up; and as many individuals will be educated and literate the more the country will progress and develop.

Rani said that she needed to instruct the transgender network and generate the income without external help to run the foundation.

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