Here we take a look back at some of the most popular shows/movies released on Netflix this year.

2020 has been a turbulent year for many, with the onset of COVID-19 rendering us helpless, the isolation, social distancing, and stress has affected people from all walks of life. During quarantine there was also a change in lifestyle, but something which helped us power through the dreary days was Netflix and the content released this year!

Here we take a look at our favourite picks for 2020:

The Queen's Gambit

Checkmate - this miniseries was probably one of the most prominent shows of 2020, starting an entire chess craze across the globe, even here in Karachi where chess corners are now being orchestrated following the hype of the show! With thousands downloading online chess apps, we can all acknowledge how monumental this show was, especially providing a fantastic watch during these tentative times with Anya Taylor Joy's Beth leaving us shell-shocked!

Enola Holmes

Sherlock Holmes? Think again, this time Millie Bobby Brown plays the famous detective's younger sister! Stranger Things' Eleven sure makes an impression while playing the sharp as a tack teenager, daughter to Helena Bonham Carter, with Henry Cavill (AKA Superman) surprised by how witty his younger, more 'sheltered' sister turned out to be. With love, adventure and lots of excitement, Enola Holmes is another great thing to come out of 2020!

Raat Akeli Hai

Nawazuddin Siddiqui doing what he does best, playing a skeptical detective in this thriller which takes us on a mental journey, with deception, betrayal and dark family secrets exposed. This 2.5 hour film is definitely one to watch this year, keeping us glued to the screen while trying to figure out the truth.

The Crown

Probably one of the most watched shows of 2020, The Crown, based on the life and history of the royals, including Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, His Royal Highness Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana Spencer. The show has caused quite a bit of a stir, with the Royal Family condemning that it is based on their accurate history and deeming it as fictional and offensive. Regardless, with its beautiful cinematography and meticulous attention to detail, The Crown is one of the most popular happenings of the year!

Lucifer Season 5

We won't reveal much about our favourite morally sound devil, but Lucifer always delivers entertainment as promised, never failing to keep us on our toes! Watch the show to see what we're referring to, and to see what's next for Dr. Decker and Lucifer.

AK vs AK

Anil Kapoor is ageless, and he has once again proved it in one of his latest projects, starring opposite Gangs of Wasseypur director Anurag Kashyap, and children Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Harshvardhan Kapoor. The thriller is all about life in the spotlight, with characters even playing themselves in this creative feature, watching AK square off against AK.

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Always fun to watch, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is one of those movies you can enjoy on a down day to be entertained by the chronicles of Lara Jean and her letters. In this sequel, we see the protagonist encounter 'old flames' and how this affects her dynamic with Peter, played by the lovable Noah Centino.

Elite Season 3

Spanish show Elite's third season was one to look out for, which characters reaching various conclusions along with the emotional mystery factor going strong this season. In addition to many of our main characters embarking on their own journey after yet another suspicious murder, we await season 4's arrival to see how the rest are settling in.

Castlevania Season 3

If you're an anime fan great, if you're a history buff - even better! Netflix action-packed show, Castlevania has all the action, history and fantasy you could hope for. While circling back to the tale of Vlad Tepes (AKA Count Dracula) and his hatred for humanity, along with entrances from all sorts of characters and species, the show delivers its promise of entertainment, thrill and adventure! Look out for its fourth season after binge-watching the three! Although, we suggest viewer discretion when watching this show as it might not be suitable anime for a younger audience.

Money Heist Season 4

The popular shows fourth season ended as a cliff-hanger, leaving its ardent fans with many questions. While we won't reveal any spoilers, La Casa de Papel had many tragic deaths...and confusing ones, which viewers will have to wait to find out about in the next season of this on-the-go show.

Queer Eye Season 5

The best pick-me-up on a low day is Queer Eye. The show's fifth season only brings us more fun, tips and tricks, as well as emotional fulfillment with our favourite doer-uppers Antoni, Tan France, Karamo, Bobby and Jonathan Van Ness! The best thing to binge watch to feel great would be Queer Eye!

Honorary Mentions: Love Is Blind, Indian Matchmaking - although completely ludicrous, these shows have managed to generate unlimited memes to pass time throughout the year.

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