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Photo: Jenice Kim
Photo: Jenice Kim
Popular streaming app 'TikTok' has now promoted its video competition taking place in Pakistan.

TikTok has quickly become the most used application in Pakistan, with mostly everyone from different age groups downloading it on their phones. With the country having its own 'TikTok Celebrities' such as Jannat Mirza, who boasts a 1.7 million following on Instagram, the app's controversial history hasn't stopped it from being on top.

According to The News, participants in TikTok's One Million Audition campaign can win a $1000 prize if they manage to do a substantial job. The '#1MAuditionPK' campaign, which is currently trending at the moment is ending on the 22nd of January, when the winners will be announced. With 9 categories available, such as #1MAComedy, #1MATalent, #1MASing&Dance and so on, there will be a winner for each, who will win the $1000 dollar voucher for their respective segments.

In order to encourage creative expression and originality, the competition has been announced in Pakistan, urging the youth as well as social media influencers and fans alike to use their artistic side and channel it into generating some quality videos, who knows, anybody could rise and claim the prize!

Recently, e-sports and online events have become increasingly popular as apps such as TikTok and games such as Player's Unknown Battleground (PUBG) have become more and more used, having a history of being banned time and time again for its 'harmful effects' on the 'youth'.

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