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What happened between make-up guru Nabila and Fatima Nasir under Eman Suleman's latest photo?

Two days ago, model and actor Eman Suleman shared a picture on her social media platform for designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, titled 'Miss Lollywood'. The look created was a gorgeous one, depicting poise, regality and cultural glamour.

However, on social media things can sometimes take a turn for the worst, with comments sparking controversy or being misunderstood. When senior makeup artist Nabila, who owns the popular salon franchise including her own and N-Gents, commented, things went awry.

A photo posted by Instagram (@instagram) on

'Great idea, executed badly... specially the #ichra looking hairpiece.... when the subject is so beautiful it’s a sin to not up our game'

Nabila's comment triggered responses from not only Suleman and Fatima Nasir, the makeup artist, but from other members and friends from the fraternity including Farwa Ali Kazmi, Rubbab Ali, Rehmat Ajmal and Arqaban Changezi. Fatima Nasir is known for her avant-garde aesthetic, and for her work with Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, Sapphire Pakistan, Hussain Rehar, Zainab Khalid, Kamiar Rokni and more, has also won the 'Best Editorial Makeup Artist' accolade from Paparazzi Magazine recently.

The heated exchange quickly caught the attention of fans and members of the industry as they commented with some defending Nabila and others supporting Fatima Nasir.

Nabila addressed the concept of 'constructive criticism' and 'false empathy' after Fatima Nasir asked her to see things from the other person's perspective.

'It’s not even about experience, it’s about the word ‘ichra’ you used to describe my work. People forget what you say but they never forget how you make them feel. An artist can be very talented/experienced etc but empathy is just as crucial.'

On this note, Nabila's response ended the debate, with people on both sides continuing to take sides regarding the matter.

'Sorry if I hurt you but false empathy can be interpreted as false flattery in my dictionary. If I were you, I would investigate how I can improve my finishing skills... but you are not me. Let’s leave it at this'

Model Farwa Ali Kazmi made a point during the thread of how there is a polite way to give criticism, emphasising the manner and tone in which the comment had been phrased. Nabila's fans stood their ground while Fatima Nasir and Eman Suleman were not having it.

Social media has become the most happening place with confrontations, debates, speculations and more taking place on a virtual platform. What do you think of the issue?

Let us know in the comments!

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