Here are 3 things we can consciously practice more often to better our own peace of mind!

Life can be hard and we can all use a break but life doesn't give anyone breaks, especially since 2020 started. Here are five things we picked up in 2020 that we should continue doing!

1. Practicing gratitude:

Photo: Cupe.Ca
Photo: Cupe.Ca

This is something most of us were reminded to do last year but why is it that we practice gratitude only when times are hard? People who practice gratitude more often are happier, more thankful and experience more positive emotions.

2. Going to the beach:

We often don't realise when we need a break so setting one day of the week aside for relaxing at the beach is something we can start doing if we live in Karachi and it's possible. Otherwise, there are other natural options in the country which can bring us peace of mind. It's a commitment you make for the betterment of your mental health.

3. Spending time with your loved ones:

Living in these busy times, we often lose the opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones. Work or studying can take up the majority of our routine or hobbies and our friends take up time after which we don’t have time left for our family. Making sure we have time for our family will also make us feel more grateful, humans are social beings, and fortifying a connection with loved ones in turn benefits our own well being.

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