We take a look at which brands should grace your wardrobe.

For as long as we can remember the men’s fashion scene has been dominated by a number of giants such as LVMH, Ralph Lauren and Armani.

The past decade however, has facilitated a rapid growth in menswear with the conception and integration of streetwear and sneaker culture. In recent years, development of the trend has even made its way into Pakistan. We’ll show you some of our favorite streetwear brands both internationally as well as locally, perfect to help you get your new wardrobe started.


Credited with being one of the two brands that caused the rise of street wear, Supreme has gone on to reach the pinnacle of the industry. If you’re into fun and edgy clothing then there’s no place we would recommend higher than Supreme.

Supreme is the bridge between luxury and streetwear. Collaborating with brands like Louis Vuitton, Supreme can be seen as synonymous with both luxury and comfort.


The second brand credited with initiating the rise of streetwear produces much louder garments than the first. If you’re feeling adventurous or like making a statement, give their clothes a chance.

Their tees, hoodies and sweats are just what you need if you’re tired of the same old looks and want something new and fresh!


Embracing the now in a sophisticated manner. Coats, jackets, swimwear, shirts or shorts – the brand does pretty much everything. Their designs are simple and not too loud. Perfect for someone looking to slowly transition into a new style.

Although the new trend is still undergoing a developmental phase within Pakistan, many local brands are establishing themselves so that you can join in!

Mashriq Apparel

Mashriq takes Western streetwear and combines it with elements from home. Their tees scream Karachi…. Literally.

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