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Our list of modern classics to watch again.

Have you spent enough nights browsing Netflix for a good movie to watch, only to end up watching something you’ve already seen or something you wish you didn’t?

Our list of modern-classics might help in solving your problem. Although you may not find all these movies on Netflix, we guarantee they’re all worth the extra bit of effort.

The Prestige

Directed by Christopher Nolan who is renowned for his detailed plot lines and mind-boggling twists “The Prestige” boasts a cast few films can compete with. Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine, Piper Perabo and Rebecca Hall all do fantastic jobs in breathing life into their characters. The story follows two rival stage magicians in the 19th century and features themes of love, loss, rivalry, jealousy and ambition. If you love a good twist at the end of a movie, this one will leave you speechless. The Prestige is arguably Nolan’s best film and if you haven’t already make sure you give it a watch!

The Departed

Two different organizations, one is a state police force and the other is an Irish mob, each is infiltrated by rats of the other. This movie has what many would regard the greatest cast imaginable. The story line features many plot twists and turns and continuously keeps viewers guessing. There are a number of disturbing moments in this film and in the end you won’t be able to believe how the story turned out. All in all this film is a masterpiece and not something anyone should miss out on. The Departed packs everything, great writing, great characters and brilliant acting, after all, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a Martin Scorsese film!

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon is based closely on a true story. Sonny is the mastermind behind a bank robbery being orchestrated by three amateurs. This is one of those films in which by the end you’re hoping the bad guys get away with it. Sonny is portrayed to be a shrewd and street smart character, who even cunningly wins the support of civilians surrounding the robbery turned hostage situation. The film is extremely exciting and keeps viewers on their toes from the beginning. Al Pacino does some brilliant improvisation in this film and if you’re fan of his, or if you’ve never heard of him and you haven’t seen this film, definitely give this move a watch because you’re missing out.


The true story of one of the greatest rivalries in motorsport history. Formula 1 driver James Hunt is a wildcard and lives everyday as if it were his last. Niki Lauda is perhaps the exact opposite – shrewd, methodical and not willing to take any more risks than necessary. Their story shows us the power of passion and rivalry. This movie is nothing short of cinematic brilliance and you don’t need to be a lover of the sport to enjoy it. Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl do outstanding jobs in highlighting the contrast between their two characters. This is a great watch for anyone looking for something serious but not too serious with some great humor and a story line that twists as much as a racetrack!


Matt Damon plays a law student who possesses an enviable talent in playing poker. Damon’s character mike, a reformed gambler, must delve back into the world of high stakes poker to help his childhood friend pay off debts to various loan sharks. This film is a great watch and shows its viewers a tale of camaraderie, love and poker. Rounders is extremely fast paced and if you haven’t already you should definitely make some time for it!

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