A list of some classic and some new TV shows to indulge in

With still a few days left in the Eid holidays, we put together a quick list of shows to binge watch – some classic, some new.

The Sopranos

Arguably the greatest show ever made, The Sopranos follows the life of mob boss Tony Soprano and his families – his real family and his mafia family. The show does delves into the psyche of a mobster. Viewers are introduced to the dramatics of the day-to-day happenings of the Italian mafia in the US and how they balance that with their personal family lives. The show exhibits stunning performances, great dialogue and gripping story lines. The Sopranos has also been recognized as the inspiration for the show Breaking Bad by its creator Vince Gilligan.


Take a dive into the lifestyle of a Hollywood movie star – following the next big thing actor Vincent Chase and his close-knit group of friends – his entourage. In Vincent Chase we’re given one of those characters who we wish we could be like. Cool and composed with an “I don’t care” attitude, Vincent Chase is the kind of movie star we all want to be. The show portrays the life of a movie star in a way we have never seen before, even being loosely based on the life of Mark Wahlberg and his own Entourage, but be careful because watching this show creates a craving for a lifestyle only a lucky few get to enjoy!

The Office (US)

The Office will go down in history as one of the greatest sit-coms of all time. Steve Carell perfectly embodies his character Michael Scott – the branch manager of a paper company. The Office is one of those shows which will have you in bed at one in the morning all alone laughing out loud uncontrollably. Hilarious performances from the leading and supporting cast provide viewers with a number of lovable characters.


A modern take on everyone’s favorite sleuth. With just four seasons and only three episodes per season, Sherlocks over one-hour long episodes are perfect for a good binge. Follow Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as they attempt to solve the most confusing enigmas of crime in London. Despite the episodes being so lengthy, the show does a wonderful job in keeping viewers engaged throughout, and should be first on your list if you love detective mysteries.

Sex Education

Two seasons in and a third one expected soon, Sex Education is a refreshing experience as we haven’t been given a show that does a good job in following the lives of high-schoolers and being funny with a good story line at the same time. Sex Education is light hearted, funny and gives us likeable and relatable characters. The show is a great binge for anyone looking for something not too serious. Bonus: it features Gillian Anderson.

Now that you have your viewing list ready, there’s no reason why you should step out for Eid. Stay home and stay safe!

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