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A boxing match we don't want to remember

Last Monday, a YouTuber-turned-boxer, Paul Logan, took on veteran boxing champion, Floyd Merryweather. The winner of the boxing match could only be determined by knockout which made the event all the more exciting.

Fans of the sport saw it as a disgrace but as hype around the battle grew, there was growing fascination around it too. Could this rookie boxer somehow beat one of the greatest boxers of all time? Mayweather’s experience made him a clear favorite despite the fact that he’s retired and now forty-four years old. Perhaps the biggest incident during the build-up to the match was when Logan’s brother Jake Paul made a scene by snatching Mayweather’s cap off of his head. A video which went viral shows an incredulous Mayweather and was enough to make the fight even bigger.

On fight night Logan Paul appeared to be in tremendous shape. Clearly, he has tested himself to the limit in preparation for this fight. Paul’s clear height advantage over Mayweather only added to the possibility of him winning. From the first round of eight it was evident that the veteran was far too skilled for the rookie. Mayweather was buying his time and evading everything Paul had to throw at him, waiting to seize the moment as soon as Paul began showing signs of fatigue. However, it was also appearing as if Mayweather was facing some trouble getting in on someone so much bigger than him. By the third round Logan began showing signs of fatigue which paved the way for Mayweather to land a crisp left hook. Soon it became evident that Paul considered this a hugging contest and not a boxing match. The Youtuber was latching on to Mayweather every chance he got which resulted in very little boxing actually taking place.

With the continuous bearhugs, the fight ending with a knockout was very unlikely so it didn’t. The fight ended as a draw as it was an exhibition match. For those who wish to dig a little, figuring out how the match would have been judged is easy. Mayweather packed some powerful and calculated punches on his opponent, connecting just over 40% of his 107 punches. Logan Paul was swinging a little more aimlessly landing just under 13% of his 217 punches.

In the end, the event so many had waited so long for was a let-down and most people who participated in the pay-per view felt their money had been wasted. The hype around the event did a great job in convincing people a Youtuber who has been in the sport barely two years had a chance at taking down one of the all-time greats, only after the match did people realize the absurdity of such a conviction.

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