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Father’s Day remains one of those days where the equation changes with the passage of time; those who were once...

Father’s Day remains one of those days where the equation changes with the passage of time; those who were once sons are now fathers, and those who are sons today will experience fatherhood tomorrow. What better way to bond on this Father’s Day by watching a movie that features a father as a hero, doing something heroic for their kids. Edition PK has shortlisted some such classics for you where ‘the son becomes the father and the father becomes the son’. So go ahead, make your Father’s day!

6-Frank Sullivan in Frequency (2000)

What would you do if you got a chance to talk to your father who has been dead for the last 30 years? Try to save his life, and that's what John (Jim Caviezel) did when he finally got connected to his father Frank (Dennis Quaid) over the radio. Emotions run high throughout the flick where the father has no clue how he is talking to his son over the radio while he is playing in front of him at the same time, nor does the son believe it when he talks to his own self! In the end, they bonded with each other in a way that not only did they save each other's lives, but also solved a case using their skills as a fireman in the 60s, and a cop in the 90s!

5- Darren McCord in Sudden Death (1995)

When the Vice President of the United States of America is held hostage by a terminated CIA officer (Powers Boothe) on the sidelines of the Stanley Cup Finals, a former firefighter turned fire marshal Darren McCord (Jean Claude Van Damme) finds himself in a fix. Should he go and save his daughter who is also in the same luxury suite as the VP or look out for his son who is in the audience. He makes the right decision, tells his son to stay there no matter what happens, and does a John McClane, destroying everything and everyone in his way to save his daughter, as well as save every good guy in his own unique way.

4-Marlin the Clownfish in Finding Nemo (2003)

Voiced by Albert Brooks, Finding Nemo is the story of a father Marlin who loses his clownfish son Nemo after he mistakenly wanders into the danger zone. With the help of his friends, they embark on a journey from the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney in search of Nemo and find him after facing a lot of hardships and obstacles. Visually, this is one of the best animated flicks ever produced and doesn’t get old even after half a dozen years since its release.

3-John Matrix in Commando (1985)

Before he became the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was an action star who could do no wrong. In Commando, he decided to take the guys who kidnapped his daughter head-on instead of going ahead with their plan. All he had to do is escape from an airplane that was about to take off, swing into action inside a mall, fire a rocket launcher here and there, and rescuing his daughter from clueless villains. He nearly did the same thing in Jingle All The Way (1996) but here, instead of saving his son, he had to get him a toy that was sold out before Christmas!

2-Bryan Mills in Taken (2008)

He is a former CIA operative who loves his daughter very much; they are kidnappers who mistakenly took his daughter without realizing the father’s potential. They were soon to realize that their mistake proved to be a blunder as Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) did, what Bryan Mills said. And since he told the kidnappers that he will kill them, that’s what he did before rescuing his daughter. With Taken, Liam Neeson saves his dwindling career, and the “I will find you" line, made him the number one action star in the world. He went onto save his daughter in "Taken 2" (2012) and "Taken 3" (2016), besides other films with the same theme.

1-Marty McFly in Back to The Future (1985)

No ‘Father’s Day’ list could be complete without this time travel classic where Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) traveled back in time, just to help his father (Crispin Glover) become a man, instead of the coward he turned out to be. With the help of Dr. Brown (Christopher Lloyd), Marty travels back in 1955, and in his limited time, has to meet his parents, and convince them that they are made for each other, before his mother (Lea Thompson) falls in love with her own son, or before Biff (Thomas J Wilson) makes their life a living hell. The catch here was, had Marty failed, he would have been removed from existence, and labeled missing, even before he was conceived!

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