Keep it glowing through the humid season

While the monsoon season may well be one of beauty, it is often not easy on the skin and hair. In the build up to the rainy season, the humidity leads to a plethora of skin problems and what seems to be permanently greasy hair. So, how do we keep looking as beautiful as the season as itself - the trick still lies in the basic routine of exfoliation-cleansing-toning-moisturising.


Exfoliation not only removes dead skin, it also unclogs pores and the massage movements give your face a kind of lymphatic drainage that reduces puffiness. Try a homemade exfoliant with coffee grounds and a tiny bit of olive oil or honey will do the job. Or you can follow this simple recipe:


During the monsoon season, it is best to opt for a gentle cleanser that works for oily skin. And certainly better to cleanse with something that comes out of your kitchen, fridge or pantry. I may be biased towards olive oil and honey, but they are really just magical! Olive oil can be used on its own as a cleanser - apply some, rub it well into your face and wipe off with a warm towel. Combine honey and lemon for a cleanser that will also help with sun tan - remember more honey than lemon!


I always thought toning was a redundant step in skin care and wow, was I wrong! Toning does the essential job of balancing the skin’s pH level. This protects the skin from excessive oiliness and infections. It also reduces the visibility of pores. A fool proof home grown toner is a mix of witch hazel and rose water. And if you can’t find witch hazel, rose water does the trick just as well.


Do not skip on moisturising! An effective moisturiser will keep the effects of humidity on your skin at bay. Well hydrated skin is healthy skin! Oils such as almond oil and apricot seed oil are very effective moisturisers. But be careful about HOW much oil you use. No more than 2 to 3 drops will be more than enough. Give your face a nice massage with a pure oil before bed time and you will wake up lovely and supple.

And don’t forget the basics of great skin care - avoiding an excessive amount of oil in your diet, drinking sufficient water and a regular skin care routine. Apply a light, tinted day cream, some cheek and lip tint and you’re good to go!

Enjoy the monsoon, beautiful!

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