Our picks for the best looks from last night.

Lots of colours, lots of gowns and very, very few desi looks.

Here's a quick look at some of our favourite looks from the evening:

Ayesha Omar in Zamanay

An extravagant yet classy look that only someone with Ayesha's poise and grace could carry. Absolutely stunning! But then again, Ayesha does have the Midas touch when it comes to fashion. Anything she wears, becomes a classic.

Mashal Khan in Shiro

While Dorothy only had the ruby slippers, Mashal had the whole outfit! The pulled back hair, the tease of a leg and that bright ruby dress is a show stopper indeed. Honestly, this is first time we have heard of the designer and it certainly won't be the last. Definitely one of the evening's hottest looks!

Urwa Hocane in Waniya by Mehr Azam

One can't go wrong with a strapless, fit and flare but Urwa carried the dressed with statuesque grace. The soft champagne shade with the trail, and the royal jewels by Neemar added to to the whole royalty of the situation.

Amar Khan in Zaheer Abbas

While Zaheer Abbas can do no wrong in our book, Amar Khan is the perfect muse! With a super minimal look, the svelte, sexy off shoulder gown with the loosely slicked back hair is the first step towards Amar evolving into a contemporary fashion icon.

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