Mahira Khan takes on the role of real life hero, Nigar Johar

Come Defense Day, and we all feel a little bit more patriotic than usual. And plenty of nostalgic content on television to remind us of the sacrifices made by our soldiers, and of course, celebrate the successes. In fact, some of our most television productions have had a clear 'military' theme to them - think Alpha, Bravo, Charlie; Sunehre Din and Ehd-e-Wafa. Admittedly, Pakistanis have a thing for uniforms and we do love a good military story. However, traditionally the focus has been on the male of the species in these patriotic productions. That, thankfully, is changing with 'Aik Hai Nigar.'

'Aik Hai Nigar' is a telefilm slated for release on Defense Day on ARY Digital. Based on the story of Pakistan's only woman Lieutenant Colonel - Nigar Johar, the protagonist is none other than Mahira Khan. Hailing from a Pashtoon family in Swabi, Nigar Johar joined the army's Medical Corps in 1985 after graduating from Army Medical College Rawalpindi. So, it makes sense to have cast the Pashtoon Mahira Khan to take on the role. So far, two teasers have been put out and we are fairly intrigued by what Mahira will bring to such a giant of a personality.

While there has been some noise about whether the casting could have been better, we will reserve judgement until we actually see the telefilm.

Not only are we looking forward to seeing a female military hero, we are also looking forward to Bilal Ashraf's television debut. Yup, Bilal Ashraf will be making his TV debut as Mahira's beau and husband in 'Aik Hai Nigar.'

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