Cool, creative and some down right bizzare

Halloween is like the Met Gala of holidays. Celebrities pull out all stops and go all the way in emulating all kinds of creatures, creepers and characters. Our home grown celebrities also got pretty creative this year. Let's have a look at some of the coolest, and some of the most questionable costumes this year.

Waow, that's grape!

Model Eman Suleman and husband recreated an iconic Pakistani meme. Full marks for creativity. We can hear this costume!

Bizarre family...

Frankly, this one really had us thinking, WHAT IS GOING ON? Clearly that's Amna Baber as Wednesday Addams but is that her husband as Gomez Adams? Because that certainly isn't Pugsley Addams! What were thinking, being husband and wife, dressing up a daughter and father, But hey, they creeped us out GOOD.

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Ushna Shah was anything but scary. She looked ridiculously gorgeous as Marilyn Monroe!

"Do or do not. There is no try." ...

One can always trust Lizzo to do a job really well. Lizzo chose to dress as Baby Yoda. But that was just ONE of her Halloween lewks.

The next one really is the most Halloween thing we have seen!

She dressed up as the creepy, giant killer doll from Squid Games and performed to Thriller in front of 200,000 people!

You can be whoever you want to be

Harry Styles as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is giving us so many wholesome feelings. Love the attention to detail, especially the ruby slippers!

Red light, green light

Yet another tribute to the giant, killer doll from Squid Games. Lisa from BlackPink got it just right!

Did you dress up this Halloween? Share your looks with us!

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