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Don't let the cold steal your thunder

We’ve all had the blues in the cold season as the country’s hot and humid climate fades away as the winter months approach and our bodies attempt to adapt to the change in climate. And with the winter months what do we experience? Of course-- just the usual, dry skin, cracked lips and static hair action that is less than favourable while you’re just trying to enjoy the let down from the extreme heat.

That is why you need to pick up these six beauty hacks and incorporate them into your daily routines for the time coming ahead!


This is by far one of the most important things to start doing properly when the weather change is approaching. Dry skin is itchy, uncomfortable and overall not something you should have to experience. With impressive facial moisturizers that pack all the right ingredients, you’re sure to luck out and give your skin beautifully hydrated.

Lip Balm

For cracked lips, there is no better remedy than some good old fashioned lip balm. It is recommended that you apply a generously thick amount of product to your lips and wait approximately 10 minutes to make sure your own body temperature has time to warm up the product and absorb it.

Cutting showertime

Too much exposure to water also leaves our skin dry! And that is why during the winter months it is advisable that you do not spend too much time in the shower to save your body from drying out too much. And in case you’re still wanting to take that extra long hot shower, think about the environmental damage tied in there as well.

Layer Up

Just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine. While the sun may feel less intense in the winter due to the surrounding colder temperature, this is no excuse to abandon and give up on your sun block. Make sure to keep this valuable item included in your skin care routine even in the colder months!

Hair Hack

If the cold is making your hair static, then definitely make sure to purchase a good quality leave in conditioner and apply that to your hair when things are getting to close to a middle school science experiment on the top of your head.

Bundle Up

When you’re ill it affects anothe great deal of factors in your life. It’s harder to make the time to maintain your hydrated skin and lips, on top of everything else-- and that’s what makes it of the utmost importance to stay warm and bundle up accordingly. This will help your body and mind stay well and that is always a bonus for your whole self.

Take the appropriate time and care of yourself this winter season!.

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