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It's beginning to taste alot like winter

Not only are you keeping your throat and nasal areas free from congestion but you are also increasing your sense of comfort by even just holding that warm cup in your hand. You probably have a winter favourite too just like me but my last winter spent in the German snow has encouraged me to try a few different and unique choices which I am happy to share with you.

You can find most of these ingredients easily which is always a bonus as they can even be substituted for what you have at home (while I’ll explain more about later.) These recipes also feature entirely natural ingredients and are full of amazing benefits for your health so let's get started!

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

This recipe requires completely pure, unsweetened cocoa but don’t worry, the inclusion of ginger, brown sugar and cinnamon will make sure that the drink will not be overly bitter but very rich indeed, and made silky and perfect with the inclusion of warm milk.

Totka Lemon Tea

Yes, it’s not some special creation I have come up with. But what I feel makes this drink unique is what you choose to add in it and the answer is everything. Many herbs and fresh ingredients you have lying around at home can be used. My two favourite combinations use basil leaves or ginger and rose extract.

Vanilla and Elaichi Chai

This is probably where I should mention that I am no expert chef and my recipes are not precise wonders that have been perfected by finding flavours and amounts that work well with my palette. But the general idea is to create your chai base and let some elaichi and vanilla bean simmer in it to let their lush flavours be extracted. And you can always use vanilla extract instead!

Hot Apple Pie Punch

You’ll warm a generous amount of apple juice in a saucepan with all sorts of flavourings and spices and will not be disappointed at all. Your staples should be cinnamon, cloves and vanilla but I like to include honey and raisins as well.

Coconut Elaichi Spiced Coffee

Once you have your plain coffee brewed, add crushed Elaichi and some coconut milk to create something different and full of healthy fats. I usually find myself opting for non-dairy produced milks so this has many times been one of my go-to’s.

Karak Masala Chai

Once you have your cup of masala chai with all the cloves and cinnamon and elaichi I recommend you add an unusual ingredient which is brown sugar. It makes all the difference and you can add blended ice to this in the summer for a cold version! You can also include other items found in the home for flavour such as black pepper or badiyan ka phool (star anise star).

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