Another celebrity couple bites the dust

After making fans swoon for 6 whole years, our previously OTP couple has announced a shocking and upsetting decision to end their two-year romance.

No reason was given when the breakup was announced on 17th November. Shawn and Camilla posted the same statement to their Instagram stories. They went something like this:

We all know how emotionally invested the entire world was in this relationship. After all, the chemistry in the infamous music video for hit song ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ convinced basically everyone that these two were meant to end up together.

While we didn’t immediately get a cute relationship from these two, they quickly became best friends, and the internet got a string of adorable interactions between the two; the whole world waited patiently for what seemed to be inevitable.

The two have always been pros at messing with their viewers. Just before they started dating in 2019, Shawn and Camilla released the iconic song ‘Senorita’. Once again, the music video – much more provocative than the previous one – raised eyebrows everywhere. Fans around the world saw it as confirmation that the ‘best friends’ were actually in a secret relationship. Sure enough, not too long after, the couple finally made all the predictions come true by officially announcing their commitment to each other.

Of course, after this super long journey, the internet was left shocked, confused, and heartbroken. Many wondered what could possibly have torn these two apart. According to a source of Entertainment Tonight (ET), both of them came to the sad realization that they were in different places in life and mutually decided to end things. The source also went on to confirm that both were sad about the turn of events but hoped to remain close friends while taking good care of themselves. The two are really out here showing us that wholesome breakups are, in fact, possible!

Nevertheless, tears were shed on Twitter.

The pain from Zayn and Gig’s break up was also still fresh, and the double blow was too much for many to take. Inevitably, this led to a series of existential crises as well.

For the most part, fans were incredibly supportive of their

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