Are they or are they not divorced?

At this point, we can safely say that the year 2021 is no best friend of iconic celebrity romances. After witnessing the shocking and unforeseen downfalls of Zayn and Gigi and Shawn and Camilla, do we now have to add two more names to the list?

The Bollywood turned Hollywood icon is making headlines after changing her Instagram Profile name from Priyanka Chopra Jonas to just Priyanka Chopra, for the first time in her 3 years of marriage.

The subtle, unexplained move to drop her husband’s last name immediately freaked everyone out – and who can blame them after the trajectory celebrity couples have been on recently? Rumors began to spread like wildfire about the couple’s separation; Priyanka’s new Instagram profile was interpreted by fans as a confirmation of their divorce or split.

In the midst of all the chaos, Priyanka’s mother, Madhu Chopra, stepped in with the voice of reason, and subsequently quashed the breakup rumors, calling them ‘rubbish’ in the process and advising everyone not to spread it.

It seems that Mummy Chopra might be on to something since the warmth between the couple clearly hasn’t been dropped along with the Jonas name on Priyanka’s insta. After the profile revamp, Priyanka continued to express affection and support for her husband via a Diwali throwback post at their home with a caption about missing Nick. She also vocalized her support for him when he opened up about his struggles with Type 1 diabetes as a teenager.

It does appear to be true that the couple has spent most of this year apart from each other. However, this is not because of some split. Priyanka is busy in London shooting a series alongside Hollywood’s most celebrated personalities and promoting her new movie. Nick Jonas on the other hand is back in the US working on his projects. They’re not breaking up guys, they’re just victims of the hustle and grind!

In fact, contrary to divorce, the two have been carving out time of their hectic schedules to be together. Priyanka made sure to fly back to the US to attend the Billboard Music Awards 2021 along with her husband. They also did normal people things together like having dinner together, except at their own restaurant in New York City. She spent her birthday with him as well in the US. On the other hand, Nick has also made his share of trips to London and Spain where his wife was busy shooting a show.

So, it appears there’s nothing to see here, just your average working couple! It seems more likely that the social media alterations are more of a business decision than a statement of Priyanka’s domestic life. In another subtle move, Priyanka crushed the rumours by posting an unphased comment gushing over her husband on his latest Instagram post.

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