We made the most of the flat 25% sale on the brand

Admittedly, a good sale is hard to resist. Given the way our spending power is being challenged every day, I do find it useful to stock up on my favorite brands -  especially clothes, shoes and skincare. However, this time I took a bit of a risk on a skin and healthcare brand that I had not purchased before.  I did, however, siphon off some shampoo and face wash from my sister, who swears by the brand. It was....

Yup, popular actor Aijaz Aslam's skin and healthcare brand, in collaboration with Hemani. Given my experience with the products and faith in Hemani products, I decided to make some smart purchases from the flat 25% sale. Here's what I bought:

7 in 1 Herbal Shampoo

This has seriously done wonders for my scalp. The characteristic dry, itchy scalp is a thing of the past. My hair strands also  feel  more luscious. Remember, this is a herbal shampoo so it does not lather up like a bubble bath but it does the job of cleansing and nourishing the scalp ever so gently. Contains caffeine, tea tree oil and chamomile for that squeaky clean feel. 

Foaming Face Wash - Anti-aging/Vitamin C

A quick pick me up for tired skin, this foaming face wash is mild on the skin but delivers the clean punch that a day out in Karachi requires. I love the soapy suds on my face but also the fact that it deals with fine lines at the same time. It is boosted with Lavender Oil so I use it as part of my night time skin care routine (as well as day time) for the extra little layer of luxe. And then I follow it up with...

Age Rewind Serum with Vitamin C andHyaluronic Acid

This serum works as my night time moisturiser as well and soa far it seems to be doing the job well. It supports collagen production so my skin can repair and rebuild at the same time. The Vitamin E should keep my skin plump and elastic too. While these are not immediate results and will build up over time, I do find my skin brighter than usual in the mornings. 

So far, I am enjoying my purchases from Aijaz Aslam. For my next shopping spree I have my heart set on:

Sylver Face Hydrating Mist

Come summers, this hydrating mist will be a blessing for those awful, warm afternoons. Not only will it hydrate our thirsty skin but also protect against the sun, Enriched with silver flakes and gold extract, it claims to provide healing and cooling to the skin. It can also be used as a primer before makeup  or as a fixing spray for a dewy look.

Local skincare brands have come a long way in Pakistan and are now finally beginning to provide top notch quality. The Aijaz Aslam brand is a prime example of local product development, branding and pricing done right. Looking forward to seeing what other products make it to the range.  The complete range is available on www.aijazaslam.com and in Hemani stores nationwide.

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