The Pakistani super star is all set to take on the role of Dr. Hasnat Khan

When news broke last night of Pakistani actor, Humayun Saeed, Pakistani internet took it upon itself to analyze every little detail of the situation. Most of us were very happy, of course! But many of us were disappointed that it was not Fawad Khan.

The news was first confirmed by Pakistani journalist and founder of the now defunct Kara Film Festival, Hasan Zaidi.

And then the Twitterverse launched into it's usual memefication of the situation.

Of course, most of us were absolutely overjoyed by the announcement. Humayun Saeed becomes the first Pakistani actor to be cast in a major Netflix show that is a worldwide hit. And most importantly, we have a Pakistani actor taking on the role of a Pakistani character, as opposed to an Indian being cast as a Pakistani.

The stars came out in support of Humayun, with lots of well deserved wishes and congratulations.

And then there was Sakina Samo....

The veteran actress was not too pleased with the casting and felt that perhaps Fawad Khan would have been a better choice. She has since deleted her tweet, but the internet always keeps receipts, girl.

We, for one, are most certainly very proud of one of our own bagging a role in a major production. Congratulations, Humayun Saeed!

For the record, Dr. Hasnat Khan is the British-Pakistani heart and lung surgeon who was Princess Diana's love interest for two years. The Princess' friends speak of him as being the love of her life and the only serious relationship she was in after her divorce from Prince Charles. Princess Diana was devastated when the doctor decided to end the relationship.

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