These big names had us thinking.... what on Earth....

Travis Scott

While most of the other celebrities are on this list because they got cancelled or said something weird, Travis Scott tops the bunch after his deadly Astroworld Concert in Houston in November 2021. Mismanagement is bad enough on its own, but it became a criminal act when 10 people died in a stampede at Scott’s concert. What made it worse was that he seemed to be totally unphased by people dying below and continued his performance as if we were in a dystopian nightmare.

Some people came up with (shall I say far-fetched?) accusations that Travis was a devil worshipper, and this was part of his Satanic ritual.

Others accused Kris Jenner of creating new Kardashian scandals to divert the attention from this much darker controversy.

On the other hand, Travis released a rather underwhelming video expressing his shock at what had happened. And Twitter did not take it well.

Meghan Markle

In March 2021, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry rocked the world as they sat down for tea with Oprah Winfrey. Over the course of the interview, they unraveled the innermost problematic and snobbish elements of the British monarchy, such as racism and classism. Old wounds about Princess Diana were also rehashed as Markle pointed out that her late mother-in-law also experienced the same suffocation as a member of ‘The Firm’.

However, Markle received substantial backlash from many British people – and desi moms in India and Pakistan – about her role as the standard evil daughter-in-law who created a wedge between a man and his family.

Markle was also called out for being an opportunist and many questioned her regarding what her expectations about the Royal Family had been when she accepted Prince Harry’s proposal and she couldn’t have possibly thought it would be easy. But hey, if you get the chance to marry a Prince and become a Princess overnight, wouldn’t you take it too? That’s literally every fairytale known to man.

Kanye West

2021 was quite a rollercoaster for Ye. Not only did his wife and the mother of his four kids leave him, he also dated someone else and then freaked out when rumours of Kim K and Pete Davidson began to circulate. At this point, Ye decided enough was enough and took every opportunity to announce to the world that he wanted his wifey back.

Are his actions romantic gestures…or lowkey creepy stalker vibes? With Kim K staying silent, I guess we can’t know for sure.

Aryan Khan

No, that’s not the name of your cousin. I know it feels that way because of how often every desi parent has talked about him in their most worried tone.

Being Shah Rukh Khan’s son, I guess it makes sense that brown people across the world think he’s family. While there were those parents who were scandalized as usual about the drugs he was alleged to possess, others were convinced that Aryan was a scapegoat for anti-Muslim sentiments in India. Ultimately, the Aryan Khan case was quite disturbing and there does seem to be more to it than meets the eye.

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