These names changed fashion forever.

Thierry Mugler

Fashion world revolutionary and founder of the house of Mugler, Thierry Mugler passed away this Sunday at the age of 73 due to natural causes. The French fashion designer was not only famous for setting fashion trends which still last today, but also for redefining the way we experience fashion in today’s world. He was one of the first designers to create public access to previously exclusive fashion shows in 1984 and was responsible for creating the phenomenon of using celebrities as models. This not only opened up a whole new avenue of how designers could advertise their looks and gain prominence, but also made high fashion much more accessible, relatable and visible to the public. In his lifetime, Mugler worked with entertainment industry giants like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian West, Demi Moore and more.

After his passing, the world mourned by celebrating some of his greatest designs and his artistic genius of using unconventional materials like latex to produce something truly unique.

Celebrities who had worked with him also joined in his remembrance.

Andre Leon Talley

Many refer to him as a ‘Titan’ of the fashion industry – and for good reason. Tally was a world-renowned fashion editor and the first black man to land the coveted position of Editor at Vogue. At age 73, Talley passed away on 18th January this year due to a heart attack. Talley broke barriers in a field dominated by rich, white people. Anna Wintour shared a heartfelt message on the grief she felt on the death of her ‘generous and loving friend…of many many years.

Talley had begun his career with an unpaid apprenticeship at the Met, then moved on to work at several publications including the New York Times before finally landing a job as fashion news director at Vogue in 1983. He was named Creative Director by Wintour in 1988 and then continued an upward trajectory at the organization until 2013. Not only was he one of the rare black people at the top of the industry, he also used his position to bring other colored folk to the frontlines.

Kate Spade

Perhaps one of the most upsetting recent deaths in the fashion industry is that of fashion designer and entrepreneur, Kate Spade. In June of 2018, shocking news spread that the founder of world-famous brand Kate Spade had died by suicide at the age of 55. The sudden and upsetting passing of such a public figure by suicide was a wakeup call for people across the world and sparked many conversations and dialogue about mental health and awareness.

Her story is nothing short of inspiring. As a young girl from Kansas, she didn’t particularly dream about becoming a fashion legend. However, she managed to turn a small idea brought up at a small restaurant into a fashion empire. While many critics didn’t think that the Kate Spade brand was at quite the same level as the fashion royalty, aka, Louis Vuitton or Chanel, her handbags were still famous and beloved by women across the world. To this day, many still talk about the impact her death and her products have had on their lives.

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