It's that time of the year when a woman's fancy turns to lawn.

Like it, love it or just plain bound by social expectations, designer lawn is bound to make some kind of appearance in your wardrobe at least once a year. For me personally, I invest in a few solid luxury lawn outfits that I then take throughout the year and well into the next year. Luxury lawn presents a good investment for those who are not afraid of repeating an outfit and care about the environment.

Starting this week, many top brands open up for pre-bookings and we at EditionPK have picked some of our favorites already!

Zoha by Ansab Jahangir

With Iqra Aziz as the muse for this luxe lawn collection, we are loving the vibrancy of the colours in the collection. There is also lots of tarkashi embroidery and schiffli to choose from. Pre-booking begins on 26th February. There's no details on their website yet about prices but you can have a look at what's in store on their Instagram account.

iloilo by Farah Talib Aziz

While we are not sure how to pronounce the name of this collection, but we are on board with 'laidback luxe' label. Pastels seem to dominate the color palette but the real winner for us is Reema! We can't help but want to channel the grace and charm of the gorgeous movie star in her element in these classy pastels. Once again, no details on the website but there is a sneak peek to the collection on our own Instagram account and of course, FTA.

Mein Teri Aan - An Ode to Pakistan Maria B

With two big names already on board - Mahira Khan and Sanam Marvi, this luxe lawn collection is true to the Maria B brand. With not very many details except this luscious black outfit, a stunning Mahira and the hauntingly beautiful voice of Sanam Marvi, we can't help but wait for this one.

Muzlin 2022 by Sana Safinaz

Honestly, can we even have a luxe lawn list without Sana Safinaz. The Muzlin 2022 is pure class with it's signature embroidery and pastel palette. There are of some bright spots as well with purple, pink and maroon.

Pyar Kay Dhaage by Rang Rasiya

Possibly the biggest drop of the season with 42 designs! The sequenced embroidery sounds promising and we're loving the richer shades in purple, orange and black - a welcome break from all the pastels!

We will keep adding to the list, so don't forget to bookmark the article!

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