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Skincare is the new make up.

Perhaps we owe it to the pandemic, but skincare has become increasingly important over the past couple of years. Naturally flawless skin is the kind of look we are all vying for. With the growth of more and more beauty brands, both internationally and locally there is a wide range of practices and products to choose from. We picked some trends that we predict to be big this year!


While some of have been icing our skin for some time now, this is the year we take it to the next level. Legend has it that Russian empress Catherine the Great iced her skin daily, and she might have been onto something—a facial massage with fresh-from-the-freezer tools is said to have a host of benefits. It can soothe skin and regulate blood circulation by constricting vessels, which helps calm inflammation and puffiness. Lightly glide icy tools (your jade roller and gua sha stone work perfectly) over a cleansed face that’s been prepped with a serum, oil or sheet mask, moving from the middle toward the hairline. For bonus sculpting action, use a press-and-release motion. And if you want to reap cold therapy’s benefits on without applying ice-cold tools to your skin, brands like Lancôme and Boscia make easy-to-use cooling skincare formulas. And if you need any further proof for the benefits of cryotherapy, here's an endorsement from Bella Hadid.

Skincare for Haircare

This puts the focus on scalp as the root of all our hair health problems, quite literally. Dubbed the ‘skinification’ of haircare, this trend focuses on bringing some of the much-loved, supercharged ingredients found in skincare to shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments. The idea is that if these actives can do wonders for the skin, they can also deliver those benefits to both the scalp and hair. Crowd favourites like hydrating hyaluronic acid, strengthening centella asiatica and shine-boosting niacinamide are finding their way into hair care. However, this does not mean that we apply skincare products to our scalp. Pick haircare products that have skincare ingredients.

Taking Bodycare Seriously

This year, the skin below our necks is in the spotlight. With so many brands expanding their skincare lines into bodycare, what we use in and out of the shower is now just as ingredient-focused and innovative as our morning skincare routine. This is the year of making quick work of stubborn body acne and keratosis pilaris. Meanwhile, much-loved ingredients like squalane, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and glycerin are finding their way into body washes and oils, leaving limbs glowing. If you’re intrigued by the thought of adding exfoliation into your body care routine, remember that acids should be introduced slowly to your skin, even on the body. Start with using a peel or exfoliating serum every two weeks and work your way up from there.

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