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Our guide to looking good this Eid.

Ramadan is already here and Eid is around the corner. Keeping up with all kinds of trends becomes confusing and with increasing options, it becomes even harder to choose! So the Edition has come up with a list of “do’s” and “don’t” to help you with putting the best look! Please note that everyone is free to have their wardrobe curated according to their personal taste and can wear whatever they fancy. Having said that, here are some pointers that may help;

Comfort Zone

This is one of the few times that staying in your comfort zone will be the key to helping you look good. Jumping on new trends might not be the best idea to try and pull off on Eid, as you’ll be meeting people and taking lots of pictures. It’s always a better option to go with styles, cuts, and colors that you enjoy and feel comfortable in. Trendy styles like sharp asymmetrical cuts, blingy belts, heavily-worked bell-bottoms, etc. The more relaxed you are, the happier you’ll be, and the more glowing you’ll look!

Sticking to the basics

Neutrals and monochrome colours are never out of fashion. It’s better to stick to colours that are easy on the eyes that you know compliment you. Choosing shades and tones that are either solids or monochromatic would ensure a great outfit. Light floral prints, lacey outfits, and pastel colours are in vogue since its summer. Staying away from colours that clash or are too loud, gaudy prints or chunky ornaments would be preferable. That being said, you are free to choose whatever colour palette you desire and there are no restrictions when it comes to fashion!

The ‘clean girl’ look

So TikTok and YouTube have introduced the ‘clean girl’ look this year. Not to be taken literally, this makeup is all about looking fresh, glowy, and natural aka the previously termed no makeup look #justwokeuplikethis. This look consists of clean fresh looking skin and minimum makeup products to avoid the cakey feel. It is perfect for this sweltering summer and where it feels like you’ll melt like a candle. So the steps are much simpler than it seems to achieve this look. However, you can tailor it accordingly to suit your skin.

Start with clean and moisturized skin and use either a tinted moisturizer or bb cream to give your face an even-tone canvas. You can skip this step and directly use a concealer to spot conceal certain areas. Next, curl your lashes and add mascara lightly to give it a lift, and make a soft winged liner with a brown shadow for a natural look.

Fill in the sparse areas of your brows and seal it with a brow gel in an upward motion. Apply pink, peach or coral shade of blush on your cheeks and on your nose if you like. Preferably used a liquid stain, tint, or even lipstick.

Use a highlighter in a very small amount to give that subtle glow. Add it to the high points of your face and inner corner of your eyes for that pop. Set your under eyes and T-zone by lightly dusting setting powder. Finish it off with a tint, lipstick or gloss and you’re done!

Body, Hair, and Skin!

Everything from makeup to outfit is secondary to skin and body care that is often neglected. Plan a daily regime, a weekly and monthly regime that you need to do in order to stay in shape and take care. Cleanse, moisturize and SPF should be applied daily. Regular oiling and protein treatments to protect your hair from damage from heat exposure from the straightener to the environment outside. Nail care and oral hygiene need to be done regularly, along with complete body care. Not to mention staying hydrated, eating cleaner, and consuming required supplements are also a must.


The key to looking put together is using the correct accessories! Accessories have the ability to tie in everything together and harmonize the look, rather than looking bland and boring. From ehh to wow, it instantly lifts the entire look making you rock any event.

Whether it’s a sleek clutch or a pearl-studded stiletto, they can spice up your outfit and take it up a notch. So don’t forget to accessorize!

Less is more!

This usually goes underrated but ‘less is more!’ instead of hoarding yourself with a heavily embroidered outfit and too many accessories, create a more cohesive look by balancing out the right accessories and appropriate makeup.

Smile and good vibes!

Last but not the least, smile! As you get older, the less time off you from work and the busy life and these are the moments where one should sit back and relax. So smile more and enjoy this Eid!

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