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Pakistani movie music is getting better and we are here for it!

Rehbra from the movie Rehbra

A sweet little romantic number from the Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Omar starrer, this song has a the maings of a radio airpay hit. The more you isten to it, the more you will love it. It is not something new. It is warm and bright and familiar - and that's what makes a great pop song. Asim Azhar was made for this!

Marjaniye from the movie London Nahi Jaunga

Speaking of great pop songs, the two-minute bit that we did see on YouTube of this number from London Nahi Jaunga tells that this has all the makings of one. The Butt Brother and Justin Bibis give it the 'thait Punjabi' vibe that is sure to mae it a diaspora hit. Definitely one to watch out for in the winter wedding season.

Larki Achari from the movie Dum Mastam

Another one for the wedding seaosn, Larki Achari serves up a sizzing number by Shiraz Uppal and Neha Chaudry. It is fun and flirty and makes for a great sing along number. The chemistry between Amar Khan and Imran Ashraf makes it so much more believable.

Loota Rey from the movie Quaid e Azam Zindabad

This one by the powerhouse Asrar takes the festive, dhok dhamaka sound up a notch from the other mehndi-dance options on this short list. It is a cleverly written and perfectly delivered peice of work. And when it see on the big screen with Fahad Mustafa and Mahirah Khan, it is definitely going to stick. Might even say that it's the next Shakar Wandaan.

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