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Kesariya – Arjit Singh

This soulful piece of music has made waves across India and Pakistan for numerous reasons. It was sung in a very melodious manner bound to make the listener feel things. The movie which it’s from, Brahmastra, stars the newly married couple, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, because of which it the song is further making waves as this movie acts as their debut as a married couple. It has also made a mark with the memes it inspired. Its famous lyrics were criticized by many for their use of unrealistic words for the sake of rhyming while the same were appreciated at the same time for forming what many call this year’s love song.

As it Was – Harry Styles

It’s not a surprise to see Harry Styles on this list seeing as how most of his music is so creative, unique, and addictive. Its music is not only addictive but it’s also memorable and has great potential to be nostalgic for many people down the line if one was to make memories with this song playing in the background. It has dominated the Billboard Hot 100 for a total of ten weeks which is record-breaking for Styles. The artist’s career has been on a steady ride and this song is a good reminder of why we love him.

Co2 – Prateek Kuhad

Following his feature in Obama’s list of his top 35 songs, Prateek Kuhad’s career experienced a major boost. While Cold Mess itself did really well as a result, other songs of the Indian indie artist also enjoyed a lot of popularity. Co2 is yet another smooth, melodious song which many have come to associate with Kuhad. He has become immensely popular as someone who promises a relaxing and emotional journey to his audience with his toned down instrumentals and his calming voice which dominates all his songs.

Khoj (Passing By) – When Chai Met Toast

Released in 2019, this song has remained severely underrated. Though it is one of the band’s many good songs, this is particularly memorable for its good melody and catchy tune. It’s a mix of English and Tamil lyrics and it brings pure vibes along with it. If you find yourself on a trip, this might be a good number to play to keep yourself going. If you find yourself dozing off, this might be a good track to help you segue into an easy sleep.

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