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The music phenomenon is going live. And international.

Coke Studio is taking to the stage. And in Dubai.

On Thursday, Ali Sethi shared a poster for the event that's set to take place on 14th October at the Coca Cola Arena. So far, the confirmed artists are Ali Sethi, Shae Gill, Hasan Raheen and the Justin Bibis. More musicians are likely to be announced soon.

Needless to say Pasoori has been Pakistan's biggest musical export to date. And Peechay Hutt isn't far behind. Both songs were featured in Ms. Marvel. And Pasoori recently got an African remix too with artists from Nigeria and Egypt.

Coke Studio Live will also feature a great line-up of instrumentalists to deliver a signature experience, including Annan Noukhez, Zain Peerzada, Bilawal Lahooti, Omair Farooq, Veeru Shan, Saad ul Hasan, Haider Ali, Haider Ali Tafu, Yusuf Ramay, Melvin Arthur, Awais Kazmi, Action Zain and Aziz Kazi.

Given that's there a Middle Eastern and African edition of Coke Studio, it would be interesting to see if the concert will feature artists from those shows as well. We think it will make for a nice global show.

Tickets for Coke Studio Live will be on sale on Monday, August 29, on the Coca-Cola Arena website. Coca-Cola Middle East is also giving fans the chance to win tickets to the event on the purchase of Coca-Cola special edition 330ml cans.

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