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Says Karachi's leading skin expert - Shehla Khan

“Like anything worth doing in life, happiness takes time and patience and consistency.”

While the original quote by American blogger Mark Manson is about happiness, the same applies to skincare. If you want to achieve the goal of nurturing your skin, it is a marathon and not a sprint. The idea is to identify what works for your skin and follow a set pattern with utmost consistency. In a way, you are recognizing that self-care is of paramount importance.

The basis of a good skincare ritual is recognizing and filtering out the necessary from the excessive. If your ritual is too elaborate and eats up significant time, it is unlikely that you will be able to maintain consistency. Rather one has to focus on wellness and adopt a holistic approach. Your skincare ritual might also evolve over time.

"Skincare is neither an additional expense nor an experiment. It's a lifestyle and your own meaning of self-care.

Like I always say “SKIN.VEST.MENT”"

Shehla Khan sums it up perfectly. An electrologist and skincare expert residing in Karachi has been trying to introduce the culture of skin care for the sake of self-care in our somewhat outdated atmosphere.

Seeking expert help might be the way to go about it. For instance, for those living in Karachi, Shehla Khan, can help you come up with the right skincare ritual. You will be able to avoid falling from one trend or fad to another and know exactly which products to apply, in what quantity, and its application method. So rather than shooting in the dark and hoping for the best, you have a well-thought-out plan of wellness and health.

Given the external pressures from social media to word of mouth, it’s terribly easy to fall prey to varying trends. The results are often undesirable, unfortunately. But once you have a defined ritual, it’s much easier to stick to it and accomplish your goals.

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