We can all Agree to Disagree

It may not be fall season in essence in Pakistan but that doesn’t mean you cannot start your annual Harry Potter binged re-watch already! Movies, magic, and popcorn (and for me, fairy lights in the background) make for one of the cosiest nights at home!

I recently started my own revisit in the franchise and found that for the first time, I am not interested in watching in order. I have instead this year decided to watch from my #1 favourite to my least favourite movie of the franchise. To give you guys a sneak peak at my list, I have decided to rank the 4 best Harry Potter movies below! In case you disagree with the order, you are welcome to agree to disagree.

Prisoner Of Azkaban

My top choice. The importance of The Prisoner of Azkaban to the Harry Potter film series cannot be overstated. With the help of the POV Rule, the Prisoner of Azkaban creates a brilliant way to go forward and then, it gets bizarre. Alfonso Cuaron manages to create something which doesn’t disregard Columbus’ work but significantly diversifies it. The characters develop further. They just become older, more complicated and bolder. The level of horror and fright increases and the development of the dementors knocks out.

Goblet of Fire

Another stellar film. The golden green three really come onto adulthood and enter the world of relationships, romantic priorities and teeny weeny betrayals. The movie’s themes echo Harry’s series arc, as he is once again faced with an impossible challenge for which he was given no choice but to participate. As we watch Harry go through the tough ending, it is fantastic to see his loved ones come to his support again. Albeit heavy, the Goblet of Fire also mimics the prime Harry Potter series theme of finding light in the darkness.

Half Blood Prince

The fact that this movie is a good backstory to get to know everyone’s favorite king of sass, Snape, is not enough reason though for us to crown this film in the top 4 of the franchise. Half-Blood Prince is the most comical and entertaining movie within the franchise which Yates does interestingly in union with the more dark and morose ending. Jim Broadbent manages to create a portrayal of Professor Slughorn that never goes over the top, while Harry and Ron’s many encounters with their mix of love interests capture epic comedy and create amazing opportunities for liners such as “Hermoine’s got nice skin.” The film ends with a harrowing and appropriate ending to the reign of Dumbledor at Hogwarts, nicely leading to impending war within the wizarding world.

The Chamber of Secrets

There’s so much to like about Chamber of Secrets. Columbus knocks out Dobby's creation, working with someone so mischievously friendly but also utterly devoid of reason or patience. Beyond this, one gains the addition of Tom Riddle’s life at Hogwarts, paving the way for more development of Voldemort’s past. Let’s not forget that it’s the first time Harry destroys a Horcrux, albeit unknowingly.

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