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Transgender Remembrance Day 2018

Held last week in Karachi, the trans community of Karachi came together to raise awareness about the oppression and killings of transpersons. Held under the banner of Sub Rang Society, which was formed to serve as a voice for the trans community, the private event included a talk by renown activist Kami Chaudhry who is also the Executive Director of the organization

“We don’t have a donor for funds, but we have diverse organizations that have come together to help us today. UN Women, Sindh Women Commission, AKS Film Festival are a few of our sponsors,” Kami informed us. “Individually we can’t do anything and there is a need for inclusiveness, so we plan to work with as many people as we can.”

A short session with a panel of spokespersons shared how far our society has come towards acceptance and what more can be done for inclusiveness. Other than the Sab Rang Society, a number of NGOs are working towards the cause of helping our trans people with economic empowerment, anti-violence and more. Similarly, a new group consisting of 1o trans people has been formed to work against violence. Furthermore, Rajby Industry, a textile and garments export organizations has facilitated trans people in their work force. The company also aims to make 30-40% of their employees transpersons by the year 2023.

The event came to a close with lighting of candles for the trans people who have been victims of violence and left this world.

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