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Even those of us who aren’t sweet tooths find ourselves craving a good dessert every now and then but are too indecisive to figure out what our taste buds are longing for. That’s why we decided to round up some of the most exciting options available in Karachi to help make your decision a little easier.

Purple Cow

Out of the hundreds of home-based eateries we saw spring up mid-lockdown, purple cow was a gem we found in the rocks! Purple Cow makes the most delectable chocolate tart in town. The rich gooey chocolate paired with an innovative Candi biscuit/lotus base has become their trademark. Tart lovers across the city need to give this a try.

Test Kitchen

Ever since Test Kitchen by Okra joined the food scene in Karachi it began to dominate. Their brownie is second to none in this city. Gooey but not too gooey on the inside and perfectly chewy around the edges. From the very first bite you can taste the richness of the chocolate and can figure it out that you’re eating a brownie that isn’t to be trifled with.


As far as desserts go it’s always hard to beat the classics. Hotspots brownie with ice-cream is as nostalgic as desserts get in this city. There will always just be a special place in our hearts for that warm chewy brownie and gooey chocolate sauce mixed with that cold vanilla ice-cream.


Delina offers us some mind bogglingly good lava cakes. They have options of chocolate, Nutella and lotus. Served with a scoop of ice-cream, these lava cakes are a must try for all dessert lovers. I would recommend going for the Nutella or the lotus, you can’t go wrong with either but the lotus is a clear winner for me.


Another Karachi classic. If ice-cream is what you’re looking for, look no further! Kaybees soft serve has become legendary. Their famous giant swirls of ice-cream are more than just picture worthy – they taste amazing too! They let you mix and match flavors and are constantly coming up with new exciting ideas. I would personally recommend getting a mix of coffee and vanilla and if you’re a slow eater go for the cup.

O Donuts

There is a new style of donuts that’s become popular in the city ever since Easy introduced us to their thick fluffy donuts. O donuts has entered the game and is making arguably the best donuts in the city. They offer a large variety with all kinds of toppings and fillings. They’ve managed to get their donut just right, making them airy and fluffy but not making the mistake so many others do and making the donuts cakey. My personal favorites are there glazed, chocolate tart and Nutella (highly recommended).

Sugar Drizzle

Everyone loves a good cookie and that’s exactly what Sugar Drizzle is making. From milk chocolate chunk to lotus double chocolate, Sugar Drizzle is baking delicious cookies in a variety of flavors. If you feel like having something different don’t be afraid to give their M&M cookie a try.

Sohny Sweets

Any desserts list would be incomplete without some mention of kulfi. Sohny sweets does a great kulfi! It’s nice and simple, doesn’t have too much going on, has the perfect texture and level of sweetness but it’s the milk you pour on the kulfi that will make you come back for more!

Next time you’re having trouble deciding what dessert to get, give our list a ready, hopefully your decision becomes a little easier.

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