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Actors. Through television screens they become a part of many lives.We laugh with them, we cry for them. We support them through their highs and lows. In Pakistan we are fortunate to have a pool of some finely talented actors who have entertained us for many years. Their passion and devotion to duty still shines through. They are the reason why we will even watch a certain show. We crush over them. Allow them to rule our hearts. Role models to many. Reason behind a haircut or even that outfit that you just bought(it’s okay, no one has to know about it).

You are considered lucky as an actor because you’re getting a chance to do what you love and get paid for it. You’re envied, you’re stopped for pictures while your’re out alone or with family and friends, you’re paid to endorse, you are showered with respect and gifts. You are famous.

But wait… What is acting to the outside world?

We asked around and to many, it is nothing but a privileged lifestyle. But what we don’t realize is that it is no less than a full time job. Yes! An actor works long hours which are not fixed.They are expected to work under every weather condition, can’t call in sick, no paid leaves and no weekends. It requires growth, learning, training, a lot of rejection and a thick skin to be able to move forward and build a stature in this chosen career. It is the most beautiful thing  to be able to watch your skills improve, to be able to appreciate your own work and share your beautiful journey in this career with the rest of the world with your feet on the ground.

And since we’re discussing acting here, this post would be incomplete without asking some of our favorite gems from the industry to share their most and least favorite things about their field of work.


Khalid Malik

The one thing I like is that I get to be in someone else’s shoes and I’m able to experience a different light, and that gives me an insight into the human condition.

The one thing I don’t like is the late payments.


Zara Noor Abbas

I like the liberty to perform anything and impersonate anyone in my acting process.

I dislike the fact that I get indulged in the emotion for too long because of my sensitivity about life.


Zhalay Sarhadi

The best part of being an actor is getting the chance to live out many characters we cannot possibly be in one lifetime. From a village girl to a psychopath. The possibilities are endless.

The worst about being an actor is sometimes I feel I lose touch with reality. I start questioning my emotions in real situations. I have caught myself expressing happiness in an exaggerated way, even more than I might be feeling, just so the message gets through that I am feeling elated.


Ali Kazmi

The thing I not only like but love about being an actor is being able to do what you love which not everyone can do and bring joy to other peoples lives in some way with your portrayal of multilayered and interesting characters.

The thing I don’t like is that there’s so many characters to play and so little time. Love laugh love and explore


Hajra Yamin

One thing I love about being an actor is that I get to live so many lives in the form of playing different characters, this is the most exciting part for me.

Honestly, acting as a craft, I’m so passionate about it that I can’t really say if there is something that I don’t like about it. But yes, letting go of characters that have made a special place in my heart can be difficult, and moving on from them can feel like a challenge.


A quick insight on likes and dislikes of our actors, their acknowledgment for the love and struggles of their occupation, leaves us all with a better sense of understanding of this field and realization that every actor goes through their fair share of trials like any human.

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