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While the Ramzan transmission of  Ehsaas Ramzan has gathered a lot of praise and appreciation, GEO TV brings another treat for its viewers.

Makafaat is a show which consists of short telefilms and is being aired during the live transmission of Ehsaas Ramzan. According to the format of this show, every episode has a new lesson-oriented storyline. While the concept of the show is unique and distinctive, the OST is breath-taking.

The mastermind behind the OST of Makafaat, Sahir Ali Bagga,  created the entire song on his own. He composed the tune, wrote the lyrics and gave his mesmerizing voice to it. The lyrics of the song summarizes the message behind Makafaat. Not only does it gel perfect with the show, it makes one question their own actions as well.

In the spirit of Ramzan, we analyze ourselves and our deeds over the past year and this OST works aptly with the idea. It’s no secret that Sahir Ali Bagga is immensely talented, but with the Makafaat OST, he has created magic and awakened our spirituality.




As Ramzan is progressing, Makafaat will come up with new stories and new lessons revolving around core lessons we have been taught since our childhood – as you sow, so shall you reap. This is where the OST heightens the impact of the lesson and emphasizes the fundamental message.

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