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This year, the Spice Girls have reunited for their 13 stop reunion tour – albeit without Posh Spice, but Victoria Beckham is busy  reigning the fashion world to sing for us and thats okay… We forgive her.

Even though we won’t be making it to the shows, we cannot help but be SO EXCITED about the reunion itself and therefore… We present, our favourite Spice Girls songs playlist!



I mean hello, how can this not be at the top of your list… yes, even today! Our first ever favourite song by the Spice Girls and actual introduction to the band!

Fun fact: this song was completed in 30 minutes!





We actually know someone who knew the whole dance routine to the chorus of this song!

Inspired by the MoTown feel which is reminiscent of The Supremes, Stop was from the Spice Girls second album which has a fun melody that sticks in your head, but not in that irritating way. Thank you very much…





Spice Up Your Life

Also a song from their second album, this song was actually influenced by BOLLYWOOD films and inspired the Spice Girls to write and sing something for the world, with a hint of salsa and samba!



Say You’ll Be There

This song is special. It was inspired by what the group went through and how THEY in turn made a promise to be there for each other. Too bad that didn’t last and they broke up. Sigh.

Fun fact: This music video won an award at the Smash Hit Awards in 1996!



2 Become 1

A pop ballad ‘focusing on two lovers’ is what comes to mind right? What people often miss is the importance of contraception in the lyrics, too.

Fun fact: Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice later covered this as a duet with Robbie Williams on her solo album in 2019!




A special tribute to their mothers, the Spice Girls wrote and sang about this beautiful relationship which is sometimes complicated too.

Melanie B aka Scary Spice said, “We wrote ‘Mama’ when I was going through a bad phase with my mum. The sentiments are really that your mum’s probably the best friend that you’ve got. Whether she’s an over-protective mother or a bit of a landmine, she probably knows you better than yourself in some ways.”

And Melanie C further elaborated: “‘Mama’s all about how you’re such a cow to your mum when you’re going through that rebellious teenage stage. Then when you get a bit older, you realise that whatever she was doing, she was only doing it for your own good. And you think: ‘God, I was really horrible.’



Viva Forever

This was the bands 7th UK number 1 single! This stayed with us as a sad moment as after this, Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice (& our personal favourite), left the band – for good. The video was made months before her leaving and it gave no hint at the time of confirmation of the then rumours. Still hits that spot of hurt when we listen back.



Who Do You Think You Are

Heavily influenced by europop of the the 80s, this song brought the sass to the group which growing up, we already had plenty of and this kind of just validated our thoughts!

Fun Fact: In February 1997, the group opened the BRIT Awards with “Who Do You Think You Are”. The Union Jack dress that Geri Halliwell wore during the performance made the front page of various newspapers, and is now remembered as one of the most iconic symbols ever!



Too Much

This song was penned and recorded during the time the band was filming their movie ‘Spice World’ which of course left the girls tired but also influenced the video where each individual girl is shown in her own setting in a fantasy of her own movie – the song itself is about love and how no matter how deep words appear to be, sometimes they are still meaningless.




The tour ends on the 15th of June so go while you can.. Who knows when we will ever see the girls back in concert!

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