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The month of self-reflection, clarity, and worshipping is finally coming to an end and there is nothing more rewarding than ending this month with love and light in our hearts. In the everyday grind and bustle of our lives, it is always hard to live up to your fullest potential in Ramzan. To help us gain the maximum rewards in this holy month, Geo Entertainment has managed to keep spirits up with its Ehsaas Ramzan transmission which has been airing every day, all month. Hosted by
the beautiful Rabia Anam, everyone involved managed to deliver the message of this blessed month.



This year, the transmission has featured programs and segments including  ‘Bachay Mann Kay Sachay’, ‘Mera Pehla Roza’, ‘Wah Wah SubhanAllah’, ‘Rab-e-Zidni Ilma’, ‘Riyasat-e-Medina’, ‘Aalim Online’, ‘Nanhi si Khuwaish’, ‘Jazba-e-Khidmat Allah’ and ‘Makafaat’. All the segments revolved around the main theme of “Ehsaas” – to reinforce the message of love and sincerity among the masses. From kids to elders, celebrities to preachers, Ehsaas Ramazan brought everyone together under one roof to celebrate this holy month of blessings.




Ehsaas Ramzan has managed to be a motivation for all of us, as it helped break the shell of misconceptions and shed light on the beauty and eloquence of Islamic thoughts and practices. It has helped us in the constant struggle to keep up with the remembrance of Allah, as well as include a sense of generosity and sensitivity for others, with its inclusive and fun segments that were helpful in encouraging patience, humility, and empathy among the people. True to its core message, the transmission has featured many segments, messages, and celebrity guest appearances that communicated the same virtues of feeling for others.






As this blessed month is coming to an end, it’s safe to say that Ehsaas Ramzan has helped pave the way for a new trend that celebrates the essence of Ramzan through our TV screens, keeping in mind Islam’s core teachings. Ehsaas Ramzan has helped us in the journey of cleansing our souls and strengthening that connection with Allah. The togetherness, closeness, purity, innocence, forgiveness, strength, and simplicity of this month has been on display the entire time – and there couldn’t have been a better way to spread the beauty of Ramzan than with this beautiful transmission.



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