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Candle culture seems to be the new trend and one that is here to stay – because who doesn’t like to light up their life with a hint of fragrance too?

The newest kid on the block, is Prat! a home accessories brand that started off with candles in the booming market with a new concept for Pakistan – in ceramic jars!



We sat down to chat with Amna Teli of Prat! to get the juice behind it all!

How did the idea of Prat come about?
I’ve always been a huge fan of candles but rarely found something completely natural and paraffin free. There is a lack of awareness when it comes to petroleum candles. They are unsafe for the environment and for you. I always found myself looking for natural organic candles and thus, Prat! was created in an effort to create more awareness and provide natural toxic free candles.



Why the name Prat?
Prat is a person who acts against logic or some might say a “stupid person” so we built a brand around it. So Prat! was created solely to break conventions and celebrate individuality, providing premium products crafted with the highest degree of excellence and quality. It’s a brand built on the ideology that there is no right way to do something as long as, it is done with LOVE even if it’s considered stupid.

Tell us a little bit about your process from inception to completion.
Each jar has a story, each candle is a spirited tribute to the cultures and places which inspire them, and the artisans who craft them. Fragrances at Prat! are creatively balanced, a perfect blend of natural fragrances that are created to stir memories and uplift your senses. Once our jars are ready they are hand-poured with love by our professional staff and boxed for sale.

What is your favourite part about your brand?
My favourite part about my brand is how it makes me feel. I love the free world of imagination, that I can leave an impact in the world only by a piece of my collection from Prat! Living home accessories curated by me.
Then for our candles, I love creating different blends of natural and essential oils, discovering so many natural ingredients along the way. I like the power scents have, the power to transport one to any place in time almost instantaneously, recreating a past memory or enticing one with sensual hints of adventures yet to come. I am obsessed with the idea that a good fragrance of candle can provide energy that calms your mind. The thing I love most would have to be making others happy with what we could come up with.

Who/what are your biggest inspirations?
My father is my biggest inspiration – his risk taking abilities and his commitment to work made me want to pursue this venture and create something that I can call my own.

If you could create a piece for anyone, who would it be and what would it be?
I think what it takes to make a great piece of art is to connect with the observer on an emotional or personal level. I would love to create a piece for my husband – something that screams him. It’s amazing to create pieces with love because they automatically sell and are appreciated. My family is the inspiration to all my designs.

What should we expect next?
We will be adding more fragrance blends to our candle so look out for more candle adventures with Prat!

We can’t wait!


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