In Pakistan, First Lady Samina Alvi and her team have been on the move, campaigning to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Mrs. Samina Alvi has been consistent in her campaign efforts to raise awareness about Breast Cancer Awareness in Pakistan since October 2018. With events being hosted at the Governor House in Karachi by Mrs. Reema Imran, with celebrities and personalities alike on location, Pakistan seems to be taking 'Pinktober' with the utmost sincerity.

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The First Lady, Samina Alvi has been advocating for the prevention of breast cancer in Pakistan, with 110 women a day succumbing to the disease, which when diagnosed on time, is not necessarily fatal. The essence of hosting events and educating the masses on the cause is a mission the ladies of Pakistan have taken on. Preventing breast cancer and removing the stigma around the topic can help culminate an overall decrease in the disease on a national level.

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With celebrities in attendance such as Sultana Siddiqui, Sidra Iqbal, Sarwat Gilani, Fahad Mirza, Haseena Moin, Asma Nabeel, Fahad Ahmed and many many more dedicated to the cause. The successful event concluded with the First Lady removing the taboo around breast cancer in the country, which many are ashamed to discuss. With politicians, personalities, public figures and celebrities alike, the cause of breast cancer is highlighted and emphasised upon, with prevention and diagnosis being at the forefront of the battle against it.

The focus is to plant the idea in the minds of women who may not feel comfortable visiting a doctor without their husband, or even using the word 'breast'. The point adhered to encourages women to check themselves, with Begum Samina Alvi's task force inviting doctors, survivors and warriors alike to share their experiences and knowledge, making a significant impact.

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Following the event at the Governor House Karachi, Lady Dufferin Hospital also invited Samina Alvi for the inauguration of their Gulmohar tree. The 'Pink Tree' was decorated beautifully and Atiqa Odho made the introductions and speech about Lady Dufferin's mission to spread awareness against the disease, with the hospital even performing surgery at no cost for underprivileged patients and donating their money to support women in fighting cancer.

The ceremony featured the beautiful Pink Tree which will continue to be decorated every October for Breast Cancer Awareness, a trademark at the hospital for many years to come. The tree will be a symbol of hope, spreading the message of kindness towards our Breast Cancer Warriors in the country, and beacon of hope, that we can fight this.

The country's efforts in recognising the importance of talking about the disease and educating people in order to reduce cases is commendable as Pakistan's efforts are being acknowledged as a new movement in the nation.

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