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Farah Vayani

We are suckers for getting our hair and nails done, and of course a massage every fortnight doesn’t hurt.. right? Now in the busiest season of the year – because now, every season is wedding season, we need a plethora of salons to meet our million needs and personally each one works best for us for different reasons!

we have, in no particular order, listed a handful of my favourite salons in the city and what we love about them during this busy season and why you should go there!

Bina Khan Salon

Bina has this EPIC express menu – the best staff for the best waxing and blow dries at half the time AND price. As a working woman, no one has 2 hours to waste at a salon right? Believe me when I say, the process is so seamless you don’t understand how the experience is over so quickly & perfectly! There is no room for error and misconduct at Bina Khan and this is why we keep going back!


Nabila’s and I have an age old relationship –  BUT don’t let relationships fool you. The staff treats everyone with the same grandeur and attention and their haircuts are amazing! I personally swear by Nakash who always knows exactly what my hair needs after it hits that dire mode.

Rukaiya’s Salon

Rukaiya’s is one place I have recommended over and over to so many people, it comes as no surprise it’s on my personal favourite list – especially for hair styles and make up! Noreen and Shumaila are the ladies to ask for, for that glam up do for a night out – or a shoot!

Ensemble Salon

Ensemble excels in the perfect last minute blowdry – be it in the evening when you’ve hit xanders for a meal with friends and realise you don’t have too much time to get ready, or the early morning bird can get the breakfast deal which includes a delicious croissant and coffee from Xanders while you get that much needed hairapy! Or you can buy the bundle deal of qo blowdries for just PKR8500!


This is where I come to for eyebrow grooming and that much needed manicure and pedicure. Yes, it is hard to find time to do it but Pengs is SO good, you end up making that time for much needed grooming!


Stay tuned for our next list and what we love them for, too!

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