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What is thrift shopping and how does it add variety to our fashion choices?

As I child, I recall meandering through the maze-like treasure trove of Sunday Bazaar, holding on tightly to my mother’s hand. My eyes would wander over the magical mess of sweaters and purses that hung from thin clothing lines, the seemingly never-ending array of shoes organised in neat rows, and the mountains of accessories and clothing located at every turn. I would watch as my parents would haggle with shop-keepers, while my brothers and I sorted through potential purchases. I longed to be able to go thrift shopping and bargain hunting when I grew older.

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Unfortunately, that time never came. After graduating and finally having the free time to roam the bazaars of Karachi, I was quarantined due to the rise of COVID-19. I took my sorrow out on social media, making my plight known to my friends on Instagram.

That’s when I was pointed to the world of online thrifting. This solution to fast fashion recently developed an underground following by environmentally conscious teens across the country. They gave the fashion world an alternative, inexpensive way to shop and buy one-of-a-kind items- anyone wanting to sell thrifted purchases or their own old clothes began creating thrift pages online. Online thrift culture became especially prevalent during quarantine, as many enthusiasts and thrifters were unable to shop in person.

Why have so many people hopped onto thrifting culture?

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  1. Online thrift stores evoke an awfully unique aesthetic- old clothes tell a tale that mass produced items cannot. Purchase a one-of-a-kind outfit, and you’re sure to stand out amongst others.
  2. Many people search for self-expression when thrifting. There’s something magical about searching for ages until you stumble upon something that was made for you. And it’s even funner to grab it before others do!
  3. Thrifting has trickled into mainstream culture. It’s been adopted by major fashion magazines, and most people have been catching onto the thrifting trend.
  4. Those who are environmentally conscious can support sustainability through thrift culture. The textile industry mass produces way more items than we need, churning out cheap quality clothing that won’t last very long. Thrifting is a way to extend the shelf life of a product.
  5. It’s cheaper to buy thrifted items! Rather than buying branded clothing every year, it’s easier on the wallet to buy pre-loved clothing. Purchasing something for a fraction of the price has its own sense of self accomplishment.
  6. Best of all, it’s online! Rather than being potentially exposed to a worldwide virus, or even just not wanting to leave the comfort of your bed, you can explore social media for your shopping. Thrift shopping is now at your fingertips.

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Rather than going out, be safe and re-love the pre-loved! We definitely recommend trying out this new trend.

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