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Let’s get one thing straight; there aren’t a lot of recreational activities around for people to enjoy in Karachi. Karachi, being one of the most active cities in Pakistan, suffers from the lack of quality recreational parks and entertainment arenas.

The problem isn’t only that. It’s that recreation is usually going to outside to eat for most people living in this city and even if they want to visit any sort of theme park or amusement arena, most of the people can’t seem to make time out of their busy schedules.
There are many theme parks like Super Space Karachi, Bounce, Aladin Amusement Park that got juicy and fun-filled rides, plus there are family membership clubs like Pavilion End Club that offer amazing amusement and leisure activities as well; however, it may be hard for people to reach out to these places due to busy schedules.

Recently, we have heard of something new that’s coming to Karachi and that’s Super Bus

Make way for Super Bus

Super Bus is a new theme park by Pavilion End Club on wheels. Super Bus revolutionizes the amusement industry by bringing all your favorite rides on the go. Not only that, it looks funky and cool as well. Currently, the Super Bus can be found inside of Pavilion End Club in Karachi. We believe that this is the perfect solution for those who can’t make time out of their busy schedules for entertainment and recreational activities.
What games can be found inside Super Bus?
Oh you’re going to love this! Super Bus is the ultimate theme park experience on the move. It can simply stop and give you the ultimate theme park experience anywhere in Karachi. We had a little sneak peek of the thing and here’s what you can find side of this awesome bus:

Laser Maze

Laser Maze lets you become a spy by letting you escape on coming lasers by both side of the walls. If you make it to the other side, you’re a winner or else it’s try again.

VR Games

VR Games is the future of gaming found inside of Super Bus. Simply put on your headset and enjoy the interactive gaming experience.


In Karaoke, you can be the singer you always wanted to be by simply grabbing the microphone and singing your heart out in a fully surround sound environment built inside of Super Bus.


Here you go! These are all the cool stuff you can find inside of the new Super Bus.

How to get Super Bus Access?

Good question! We’ll make it easy peasy for you! Super Bus is making its way to the streets on 30th of November at Pavilion End Club. The bus will be unveiled to the public with its facilities open to enjoy for the day. Not only that, the coolest part is that there will be lots of celebrities and vloggers that will be present at the event so you know it’s going to be lit.
If you want to know more about Super Bus, we suggest you check out their official Facebook page, so you get all the juicy information.

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