It's our favourite time of year because its the festival of food! Karachi Eat has been the city's go-to event to...

Facebook73Twitter It’s our favourite time of year because its the festival of food!

Karachi Eat has been the city’s go-to event to start the year – and with good reason! We get to try out new places and some already fairly new existing places!

Here are the 10 places we personally can’t wait to try this weekend:


Seriously huge fans of biryani – how can you miss this? No weekend is complete without even a whiff of it! This is the first stall we are hitting, starting tomorrow!


Japanese pancakes to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings. Hit their stall for melt in your mouth goodness – we are actually planning to take a couple home for family members who can’t do crowds!

Khichdi express

A thaali full of desi goodness? Yep, we’ll take it – and you should too! We need a thaali or two this whole weekend!

The Story

We have a mega sweet tooth – which you’ll realise as you read on – but THIS is one experience you cannot deny your taste buds!

The Melt

The joy of a patty drizzled with melted cheese on a bun is making us salivate as we type this! YUM!

Mana’s Cookies

Seriously, how can you say no to a s’more? There is N way we are missing this no matter how full we are after a day full of food!

*Taco Cat

How can you say no to a taco and that too, by the pioneers of the greatest ones in the city? We’re definitely hitting their stall for a couple of these babies!

Waffle Witch

One thing we really, really recommend is never missing out on what these guys bring to the table. This waffle sandwich is going


We keep hearing about how great their menu changes are and we can’t wait to see what they bring our way!

Sugar Drizzle

We have tried their cookies and this is precisely why they’re on our top 10 list! SO worth every calories. We can’t stress this enough – no one does cookies like sugar drizzle!


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