Karachi is a city widely known for its amazing eateries - and an abundance of them, too! The newest one in town is...

Karachi is a city widely known for its amazing eateries - and an abundance of them, too! The newest one in town is Swing, where we stopped by last month (amidst Decemberistan - the havoc itself) and are so glad we did!

We see a resemblance to Elan in London but... with swings! Yes, actual swings that you can sit and eat on! Aside from how cute and pink the ambiance was, we were more interested in the food!

We hopped in for a late lunch so of course mid day meant we needed a slight kick of caffeine while we looked at the menu to decide what to eat!

The quinoa salad was of course a no brainer to order! This one came with fried papadums filled with guacamole! The salad itself was SO delicious, we rated it 9/10! No, we are not joking, it's really that good!

Next up, we ordered the Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Now We don't eat chicken at ALL but forgot to mention it and... took a bite. The flavours were tangy, delicious and very Vietnamese! Highly recommended for those who like chicken - and a side note, if you tell them to replace the chicken with veggie options, they will! A big 7/10 for us!

Now we came to one of the mains which was the beef bowl which had hummus, beef, guacamole, baba ghanoush, pita bread and delicious potatoes!This was filling and a perfectly stacked lunch plate that you could comfortably share with someone, too! A definite 8/10

Like hello! Of course we were going to order dessert after all that! The lotus cheesecake did NOT disappoint! This was so good, and we were so full, we asked to have it packed for take away! Seriously well done on every aspect of this! 10/10!

Last but not least, just look at that beautiful instagrammable wall behind a delicious cup of tea!

The lovely owners are a couple from Karachi who worked tirelessly to make this restaurant happen and were extremely helpful and caring throughout our time there. Is this feature paid? No, this is a result of good food made under the care of very hospitable restaurateurs. We highly, highly recommend it and and are definitely going back!

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